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    Magpul is now in the Brace Race!!

    Anyone take a look at Magpul's new line of Pistol Braces? From what I can tell it is similar to the Shockwave Blade.

    They even have a PDW style coming soon for the MP5 and an all new MBUS3 front and rear sight set.
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    They announced this like 2 years ago... I have yet to see them
    Come On the market yet... looks like they finally made them

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    Sights look nice

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    Just in time for bans!!!

    Marxist top 3 targets:

    1). *ghost* guns / 3D print guns
    2). *Concealable assault rifle* braces
    3). *high capacity* magazines

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    The blade style was good to go years ago when they announced it. I think the SB style braces are steps above now. The new plastic BUIS that are patterned after the PROs look interesting.

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