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    I never use autopay, never, never. You know how sometimes there may be an error in a bill and it might be several hundred dollars more that it should. I don't want any autopay stealing that from me. And with all the hackings of the records of so many companies with customer's information going on these days then if your credit or debit card info or your routing and acct numbers stored on their system then you stand a chance of fraudulent charges on your acct. I had someone in Saudi Arabia drain $3,700 from one of my checking accts one time. It was easy to convince the bank I have never been to Saudi Arabia so they reversed the charges. No, no, never use autopay. Since that happened I never opt to save my payment info on any website I order things from. I do pay monthly bills by phone app sometimes but I do not store the information. I always use the option where you have to enter the info every time. I travel often for work and since I am paid as an independent contractor and not as an employee I have to pay the hotel up front myself and get reimbursed by the company I work for. I have had cards get cancelled by the credit card company while I was traveling because someone made fraudulent charges on my card. How do you pay a hotel and the end of the week when that happens? So I always have two cards on me and a couple of grand in cash in an envelope in my sock whenever I am away from home for work.

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    Agree! Thanks for the link. No auto pay for me! Learned my lesson several years ago - fell for the "new easy way" and signed on to save a few bucks a month. When I terminated the service, they kept debiting my account. It took 2 months to get it stopped and another month to get the money back.

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    Auto pay ainít for me

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    ^this!...except for the tithe.

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    No autopay, and no debit card either. Credit cards have WAY more legal protection against fraudulent or unauthorized use.
    i had my bank remove the debit function from my ATM card. It took going very high in the company to get it done, but they finally did it.

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    Oh boy you guys...
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    I used to not use autopay for anything as well, I did it for years (I'm only 28) but finally I was paying so many individual bills that every now and then I would forget to pay one and would get hit with a penalty or something.... so now I have most things on a credit card doing auto pay, not a debit card. So at least I have one step of protection there, they've been really good as well the few times I disputed charges they didn't doubt me for a second and took the disputed charges off immediately.

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    i have some auto pay to my credit card but nothing out of my bank account.
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