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Thread: Hip replacement

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    Hip replacement

    what to expect from hip replacement surgery, from time it's completed till i'm back on my feet.

    thanks for any input


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    I had bi-lateral hip replacement surgery in May 2020. Prior to the surgery I was in severe pain and no quality of life. The first week was difficult but once I started doing my physical therapy and working on recovery my pain was minimal and my mobility improved each day. I walked into the doctors office 2 weeks after surgery with no pain, no device for assistance and in an upright position. I was back to riding my bike 6 weeks after surgery. My only limits on my recovery was the doctors order. I am now in the process of having both shoulder's replaced. Modern medicine is wonderful.

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    My dad did two hip surgeries, a few years apart. First one he didn't do physical therapy and just sat around, cause in pain, and walking hurt him more. I think he pushed more on the other leg causing him to get a hip surgery for that also. So he got the second one done. After we all got on him, he did the physical therapy for 3 or 4 weeks out of the 6 he should have done. He walks a lot better, and wasn't in so much pain as last time.

    Do your physical therapy.

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    The most important part of the recovery is physical therapy. I did my required therapy sessions 4 times a day. My recovery was accelerated because of the effort I put into my physical therapy.
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    I had a total hip replacement in 2010, did extra therapy. Was walking in two weeks with a cane. I have had two surgeries since to remove bone growing in the soft tissue. Very painful . I am to have a total revision tomorrow (4th). Replacing all the old hardware with new and removing the bone . Heterotropic ossification is what it is called and isn't uncommon for people to get it. I m special in that mine has continued to grow. Hope your surgery and recovery goes well. Most people do real well with it.

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    Dad had one side replaced last year. They had him up the afternoon of the surgery. Less than a week later he walked the 200 yards to my house. He hadn’t done that in 2 years prior. Like others said, the therapy is most important part. He’s having the other done done in 2 weeks now.

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    Wife had her left hip replaced last year. Walked the hall 2 hours out of surgery. Went home the next day. Used the walker around the house for a couple of days. Used a cane for a week. Then walked fine with no help.
    Have your surgery at the Lake. They have an excellent joint replacement wing. I had both my knees replaced there10 years ago. All the doctors there are top rate.

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