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Thread: 10/22 build

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    10/22 build

    Hey guys, my girl has a pretty basic 10/22. Wood stock,stainless receiver and pencil barrel. 100% stock.

    What's the best route to get this thing set up with a nice bull barrel, stock and trigger?

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    I like lightweight bull barrels like ones from Kidd, Whistle Pig, or Tacsol.

    For stocks, I like the Magpul but there are plenty of wood stocks like Boyds etc.

    Triggers you can go with Volquartsen, Ruger BX, or Brimstone does great work on triggers as whole units are hard to come by right now. I also like Hornet Custom.

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    Send it to CPC in Connecticut for his full tuneup. Look up the company on the internet and see his offerings. You can also buy the parts and do it yourself. Tge quickest way to start is buy the BXtrigger from Ruger and drop it in and your gun will shoot better right away.

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    I got all the parts to rebuild mine from E Arthur Brown. It shoots dime size groups at 50 yds with cheep ammo.

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    I would get a Tactical Solutions/Whistle Pig barrel and depending how old your daughter is a stock that can adjust so the gun can fit her while she grows.

    From my experience the Kidd barrels are more accurate than the Whistle Pig or Tactical Solutions barrels but the KIDD is also heavier.

    Another option is you can take the stock gun and send it Clark's Custom Guns for the 10/22 Accuracy Package. Will be the best bang for you buck.

    Accuracy Work | Clark Custom Guns

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    Not a lot to go on but I'll assume that you are talking about a daughter? Relatively small frame? If so, start with a stock to fit. If she is really small I'd go with a youth stock from Brownells at with a high comb for use with a scope. If open sights then they have that too: Both have an approximate 11 inch length of pull. Both are for a standard pencil barrel which would let you try it out with your current configuration. When you get a bull-barrel, only takes about 30 minutes with sandpaper and a 1" dowel (think an old broom handle) to clearance it to fit the larger barrel.

    If she is a little larger then a Magpul X22 Hunter stock might be more appropriate, with an adjustable length of pull from 12" on up to around 14" with the included spacers. You can also select an optional higher cheekpiece (my grandson uses the 1/2 riser and granddaughter the 3/4 riser (both out of the "High" cheekpiece option), The low cheekpiece option has a 1/4 inch and a 1/2 inch riser. The good thing about this stock is that it will work with a pencil barrel OR a bull barrel, just by flipping over the internal barrel channel. Out of stock at Brownells at the moment but available from multiple sources.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now for the rest: Some excellent suggestions so far to have the trigger tuned by CPC/Brimstone//Clark, or buying a BX. All will work. A simple route would be to just buy a Volquartsen or Clark Hammer (only). This will drop the usual horrible 10/22 trigger pull to the 3-4 pound range. Do the bolt hold-open modification yourself with a file or dremel tool (search for youtube videos) add a plastic or rubber (steel core) buffer pin, and you are good to go.

    Excellent bull barrels come from Clark or Kidd (and other sources) but I prefer Whistlepig, have three so far.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the heads up guys,and yes this is for my wife.

    What's the word on carbon barrels thees days? Or stick with fluted stainless?

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