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    First thing is to get good quality equipment and learn how to use it. It doesn’t make a whole lot of difference if your using a single stage or a turrent press and even with one of the progressive presses, you have to learn to use them properly. Now, a lot will depend on what you want to load and how much ammo you need. If your loading rifle hunting ammo and need 50 to 100 rounds a year, then a single stage is fine. You won’t be in that big of a hurry and you can take your time. You’ll be able to produce good quality ammo and your rifle will like it. If you need large amounts of pistol or something like .223/5.56 ammo then you’ll appreciate using a progressive machine. They are not very difficult to use and the time savings is well worth it. You can use the Dillon RL-550 like a single stage or turrent press if you wish.
    The biggest problem you’ll run into for now is finding components to reload with. We have a little powder on our shelves but it is limited as to what we are getting. And the fact that we are not seeing any primers out there is scary. We feel it will return but as to when is another thing.
    You can come by our store at 12728 Jefferson Hwy in BR and we can show you the difference between several of the machines. We have a good number of the RL-550’s and XL-750’s in stock, with a large number of accessories to go with them. What we don’t have in stock is Dillon pistol dies or any other pistol dies.
    Send me a PM if you need more information.

    Louisiana Gun

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    I would have to agree - Redding Turret or a Dillon 550 is solid advice

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    Thanks for the advice guys,definitely coming to see you brian!

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