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    Their stock price tripled last year because of the shut downs. Most everyone interested in a vehicle didn't have many options to go to dealers because of the big scare and stayed home.
    They just made it easier to take your money especially if you get "stressed haggling for the best price" hahaha

    If buying a vehicle face to face stresses people out... they are in for rough future
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    When I looked at carvana I noticed 2 things.
    1. The trade in was lower than the dealership
    2. The price for a used car was about 2k more than the dealership (it was an accord with the 2.0 Turbo)

    It is just easier to get it from the dealership, show up with KBB say, you will pay this much, let them counter offer, give them one more offer, and then just walk out. No going back and forth all day.

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