Browning/FN 1922 .32acp; ser #03xxx; nickel/chrome finish(?); blk plastic checkered grips; one blue mag.

Data for a Continuing Inventory Reduction

Need help w/ several issues. Would like to post a FAIR WTS price on Forum (? receive slanted value opinions from potential buyers? -possibly); but available info is really sparse & all over the place from many sources. Add to data base.

Was shiny nickel/chrome finish a factory option? or is it after-market? What is it?
BBL No's & do not match frame No's. On left side of frame and slide, markings match.

Condition (IMHO) - very good; bought used many years ago; replaced broken firing pin (Numrich) & fired about 15 rds to make sure it worked. Safe Queen since. Not a fan of .32acp - acquire stock and trade/resell at a fair margin.
Any advice?

Thanks. T-Rigger