Hey guys,

Just wanted to log into the shop account to let you guys know that we have a significant amount of bulk ammunition in route. We will be getting PMC and Century ammunition. We plan on keeping this rolling and placing even larger orders to get you guys hooked up! Either me or my coworker will update this thread accordingly with pricing as we physically receive it. We will be getting hundreds of thousands of rounds. Gretna Gun Works will be the one stop shop for your bulk ammo needs in the New Orleans area.

WE DO have some bulk PMC 223 55gr FMJ and some 62gr Green tips in house right now.

It tough to provide an exact ETA as this stuff is being imported. We only know when it ships as soon as the manufacturer sends it our way. It should be very soon. Please be patient. If you guys have any questions please respond in this thread.



Calibers are as follows:

Red Army Standard (Tula) Century Arms:

5.45x39 FMJ 60GR
7.62x39 FMJ 122GR
7.62x39 HP 122GR
7.62x54R FMJ 148GR
.223 Rem FMJ 55GR (STEEL)
.308 Win FMJ 150GR (STEEL - 500rd cases)

PMC (Brass):

.38 Special 132GR FMJ
.380 ACP 90GR FMJ
40S&W 180GR FMJ
223Rem 55GR FMJ
5.56 62GR FMJ
308 WIN 147GR FMJ