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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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    These guys seem to have a few.
    (Never dealt with them so caveat emptor.)
    PSA: run up on me while I'm getting my Beef and Cheddar on and point a gun or gun like object in my face, be prepared to catch some hot ones. -Vanilla Gorilla

    Okay, why the hell is there a cock picture in my thread? -JWG223

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    "Good food is like good lovin'!"

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    Well, I was able to get my hands on an extremely NICE Python a few weeks back. I won't get into how addictive these Colt snake guns can get. Lol...... Now I'm in need of .357 ammo and haven't had any luck getting any. I went to the gun show today in Gonzales mainly to "window shop" for a Colt Diamondback in .22 and a couple of other things including .357 ammo. Anybody know where I can get some?
    "Good food is like good lovin'!"

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