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Thread: Price gouging ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdump View Post
    So, if someone says something is priced too high, that usually only means that it’s more than they are willing to pay.
    Don't forget to refer them back to our handy-dandy reference guide! LOL

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    The more people's hands something goes through the higher the price. Each person in possession ( physically or on paper ) sets the price as high as the prospective buyer will pay . A few people and businesses see shortages as opertunities and take advantage of the situation by searching out and buying as much of the product in demand as possible and holding it until the price reaches a point of maximum profit. It's a money game and the middle man doesn't set the price the consumer does . If you want lower prices don't pay higher prices , it's that simple . Doing so will signal the lower middle man the gig is ending and they will drop price and depleat inventory . That will put more bullets on gun shelves which will give people peace of mind and they will stop buying every box they see and prices at gun shops will drop . It's the ripple effect. You want high prices buy ammo at higher prices , you want lower prices don't buy ammo until prices drop . I say it's time to start a price war .

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantheman View Post
    So , if I bought my house for 175k years ago and I listed it today for 250k , would I be price gouging ?
    No. Homes appreciate. Price gouging is when your home gets it's bidding price inflated so realtors and mortgage companies can make more money. Property that you own can be priced as low or high as you see fit: your home is not a commodity nor a service unless you are a realtor?

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    Real estate is an equity. Ammo is an equity. Bidding in an open market is a free market - that is not price gouging in any way, shape or form. We got our dream home in a bidding war and I'm thrilled to have been high bidder. No one price gouged me. I was an informed buyer and purchased from an educated seller.

    If you aren't selling an ESSENTIAL item that is available for less elsewhere but are attempting to make excess profit by selling it to someone whose dire need prevents them from waiting or pursuing the lesser option, the rest is blah blah blah blah. At that point it all falls under could have, should have, would have bought what I wish I had when I could have. The bitching about pricing on things YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY is akin to redistributionist socialism ideology IMO.

    But, what do I know. The entirety of capitalism is buying low and selling high - and the freedom to do so. The demonization of that + foresight is puzzling, and not promising.

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    We saw a reasonably priced home for sale in FL on Zillow. Saw it Monday morning. Takes to wife about it Monday evening, called the agent on Tuesday morning. Agent said the house went to market on Saturday, owner got 11 offers and took a non-contingent, cash sale offer for “considerably more than the asking price.”

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