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    Some gun belts, and why you need one.

    For anyone new to the carry game, let's start with why you need a gun belt. Yes, they're $50+; No, your regular belt isn't just as good. Here's why... A good gun belt supports the weight of a loaded firearm and distributes it better around your waist. This makes wearing a gun more comfortable and more concealable. A belt, ideally, should be laterally pliable but vertically rigid (it should loop, but not sag).

    All pictures below are shown with a P365xl loaded with 13 rounds of HST 147gr in a Vedder Lighttuck, at a relatively modest carry weight of 1lb 13.2oz

    Here are two extremes to highlight the difference: A regular top-grain* "jeans belt" vs a reinforced competition outer belt. The difference is fairly self-explanatory...

    regular jeans belt

    midway competition outer belt

    Safe assume nobody's walking around in a match rig, so here are some examples of popular not-too-expensive gun belts. My photography isn't very good, but I hope this gives the general gist.

    hank's gunner

    blue alpha gear low-profile edc

    blue alpha gear hybrid

    nexbelt guardian (kydex reinforced)

    The Nexbelt is the newest to me, but I can already tell that my dearly beloved and well-worn BAGs aren't going to get nearly much rotation as they used to. A reinforced core, even a thin kydex one, makes a heck of a difference.

    Caveat: I carry strongside, so if there are any beltular nuances for appendix carry, someone please chime in and correct me on anything.

    *If you're buying a leather belt, buy only "top grain" or "full grain" -- those are literal slices of cow skin. Anything that says "bonded leather" or "genuine leather" is basically leather particleboard (leather shavings + glue) that'll crack and wear out very quickly.

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    One does not need a belt for their holster if they are pocket carrying!
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    Or boob holster!

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    I use a nexbelt as well. I love mine.

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    I absolutely love my Hank’s Belt. I’ve worn it damn near every day for about 7 years now and it pretty much still looks brand new. Quality stuff.
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    I like my Hanks Bullhide Belts.

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    Just purchased a Kore belt and I wish I would’ve done this years ago! Amazing belt!

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    A picture's worth a thousand words. Thanks.

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    Wilderness Tactical 1.75" 5 stitch for me....good stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JMAN1911 View Post
    Just purchased a Kore belt and I wish I would’ve done this years ago! Amazing belt!
    Yes! I concur, KORE!!
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