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    Shipping something international??

    Wife got the run around today and went to about 5 different places trying to ship some skimpy dress to Scotland. She came home upset about it and because I didnít immediately pour her a glass of wine and cover her with hugs it caused a big fight. Itís fine now but I now want to know what is the best way to ship something overseas. Itís a small box and doesnít weigh hardly anything. To be clear I could care less about this dress and itís destination but Iím just curious.

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    IMO, the best courier for international travel would be DHL.

    I've shipped many things to Canada, but only a handful to European countries. DHL is one of the few companies I know of that stays with DHL. I've shipped USPS to Canada, but that was a tossup. Once it leaves the US, tracking basically stops, then you play the guessing game while it goes through customs. Because of this, I typically avoid shipping OCONUS or Overseas.

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    I have shipped a package overseas by usps with no issues. I just had to fill out the customs document to attach to the package listing all of the contents in it. I will admit that usps for any kind of shipping is a hit and miss affair. Sometimes no issues and other times they are dreadful to use.

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    I have had no problems using USPS. You just have to fill out a customs declaration form. USPS is also the least expensive. I recently shipped some compressor parts to Tierra del Fuego, Chile at the tip of South America.
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    Shipping Internationally can be a real pain! Although as others have stated, I've found USPS the easiest for non-volatile items.
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