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Thread: Skydiving

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    Has anyone done it or have experience doing it? I have always wanted to do it at an earlier age many years ago. My birthday is next month so I would really like to do it, a tandemn jump most likely. Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Because I want to! So, does anyone know where I could get a tandemn jump done not very far from Lafayette? Thanks!

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    Just FYI

    A tandem jump won't count as your first jump.

    Do a static line jump instead. You'll get a log book for a souvenir.
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    If you can find somewhere that does AFF, do that instead. I just googled and it looks like we suck for skydiving now after Gold Coast left Lumberton.
    But it looks like they still run tandems with smaller aircraft. I'm not sure, though. Call and ask if you can still do AFF... over a tandem. I jumped at Gold Coast when they were in Moss Point. They were top notch then. If not, tandem it is. It's an experience and being under canopy (and flying it) is fully half of it. Either way, go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DBMJR1 View Post
    Just FYI

    A tandem jump won't count as your first jump.

    Do a static line jump instead. You'll get a log book for a souvenir.
    I understand. At my age I will not be pursuing it past my first jump. I am thinking, and I may be wrong that a tandem jump will consist of less class time than a static line jump and I dont need a souvenir but thanks for the advice! I would rather freefall for longer than a static line jump provides.

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    Accelerated Free Fall is the way to go. I went to ascension skydiving no fear express in Gonzales back in the day. The class was longer and it was a little more money but I got about a minute of free fall on my first (and unfortunately only) jump.

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    Reading this and the lines from a Chris Stapleton song came to mind
    "Sun comes up and goes back down
    And falling feels like flying 'til you hit the ground".
    Here is to a slow easy landing. Best of luck flyboy!

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    We used to fly to Lumberton to watch the sky divers on Saturday's when they were there, seen them in Thibodaux, Gonzales, and Slidell. Right now I only hear them in the Pascagoula area. I witnesses the girl that the chute came off of in Gonzales and hit the trees years ago. Seems everytime there is an accident the site moves somewhere else. Same with when the instructor died at Lumberton and the guy with him tandem got hurt. Think he died of a heart attack though. My brother in law and his kids did tandem jump in Lumberton for his 40th birthday. Don't know of any place near here that does AFF or Static.
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    I did it with my son for his 18th birthday in Slidell with Gold Coast. The free fall was about 30 seconds out of a very small plane, was more worried about landing in that plane than jumping out of it. Haha. The same company used to do a larger plane out of Gulf Shores where you jump out the back rather than the side (would have preferred), then you land on the beach by Flora-Bama.

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    Many years ago about 1980 when there was a Green County Parachute center in Covington a buddy who was in the Army Special Forces talked me into jumping. I made one static line jump and have the logbook to prove it.
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    I'm currently in the AFF/STP program at Spaceland in Houston. Let me know what questions you have about being trained. I'm about halfway through the program and to my A license.

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