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    No sir, I ain't.

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    According to the article, the double counting of votes netted Biden 27 extra votes.

    Trump is the reason Trump lost. He generates as much or more anti-Trump votes as Trump votes.

    This stupid culture war stuff keeps everyone focused on stupid stuff like Aunt Jemima and fake election fraud while both parties cater to the rich elites who lobby for their own.
    Well we don't rent pigs and I figure it's better to say it right out front because a man that does like to rent pigs is... he's hard to stop.

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    On Target

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    Now that the Democrats and the left in general have perfected the dark art of election fraud and thievery I gotta wonder of this country will ever have a presidential election again that is not rigged in some form or another. An election with no fraudulent votes. Same goes for other high profile elections, governor, senator etc in certain states that want to remain blue at all cost or willing to turn blue by any means necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannelite View Post
    I was thinking about all this this morning and had an epiphany. While I think the election was obviously stolen, Biden and the left none-the-less have way more actual support than they should. I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say, I have family, friends, coworkers, that openly embrace Biden and conveniently ignore all the terrible policy or real issues, and when you try to talk to them about it they point to MSM articles and make you sound crazy, because the internet has been scrubbed of actual information and you have to point to a web of research or to less known sources, and even then, much of the video evidence of Biden being racist or demented is being removed from the internet... Its impossible to convince these people and in reality there's too many of them and they are growing, because the media, Big Tech, and universities are making more and more of them with no end in sight. We will in the next decade or two, descend into complete socialism, it will last about a generation, maybe two, and then when it finally breaks down it will into several countries, southeast, northeast, midwest, northwest, southwest... I just think its inevitable. The only way to beat socialism is the classic "F around and find out"... we are already more than halfway there and its only getting more and more popular. I realized this when listening to ex-pats from Russia and Cuba talk about how much they hate socialism because of personal family experience, and realized, that's what its going to take for people in this country to learn.... If simply the thought of forced redistribution isn't enough to scare people, well, they're going to end up with it and learn the hard way... I was honestly thinking this morning that maybe, just maybe, the better move would be to move to an ex-socialist country lol because they are the most likely to not dive into socialism in the future. Anyone know what living in Russia is like? Don't they get fresh Saigas with pistol grips from the factory? that aint so bad...
    You need better family and friends.
    Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool
    Everyone is brave until the roach flies

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    No sir, I ain't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttanic View Post
    You need better family and friends.
    It's quite sad that people feel this way. If you can't get along with people who think differently, you are probably the problem.

    It really blows my mind that families break up over politicians who don't give a damn about them or their family.
    Well we don't rent pigs and I figure it's better to say it right out front because a man that does like to rent pigs is... he's hard to stop.

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