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I was just about to say this. They are built in the gun. I run an EoTech holo sight with a magnifier on mine. Gun is super accurate, but I never could get used to the weight balance compared to standard ARs. It's a sweet gun, but it's just a safe queen/range toy. Good thing you got the geiselle trigger. The stock trigger is horrible.
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I second all that. I sold mine in favor of the AUG and spent more money on modding the trigger which is mucho better now. The trigger on the Tavor is at least half the reason I parted with it, but such are bullpups.
I used a Aimpoint Micro in a 1 inch riser mounted well forward on the rail and it worked out great. Never really saw anything but the dot and the target.
It is a bit "weird" to handle. I don't see myself keeping it to long after the "cool factor" wears off. The price I got it for and it being different were why I got it. I won't say I'm not a big fan of ar15s but I just think they are kinda blah and not worth the price tag they have been going for lately.