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Thread: Ddm4v7 slw

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    Ddm4v7 slw

    looking to trade , low round count... safe queen

    DDM4V7 14.5" SLW pin/welded silencerco asr brake BLACK not deep woods green

    extras do not come with them unless needed to help on trade
    items are cross posted
    trades looking for plus or minus cash depending on deal

    staccato c2 or p
    sig MCX
    Galil ACE
    arsenal sam7 pistol
    arsenal slr-107fr
    glock 19fs
    trijicon tr-24 series
    trijicon low power acogs
    beretta 1301 tactical/comp
    arsenal slr-107 series
    quality LPVO
    STACCATO 2011
    wilson combat edc x9
    BRN 10.5" 556
    Arsenal pistol
    Dsa fn-fal metric 16*-18*
    Bcm 11.5-16* mcmr
    Ddm4 10.5-16*
    Complete dd or Bcm lower
    Complete dd or Bcm 10.5*-16* upper
    federal flight control buckshot

    maybe others just ask
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