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    Bluing recommendations

    Hey guys I'm looking at getting my Dad's old Marlin 22 rifle re-blued. Are there any recommendations of who might do this in the Lafayette area? Thanks.

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    Iím not sure if he does blueing, but check with Uncle Bís Gunsmithing. If he doesnít do it, he can point you in the right direction.

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    OK thanks I'll check into it.

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    No sir, I ain't.

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    If it's an heirloom rifle and you really want to erase all the patina and memories, I'd go to experts to do it..... like Turnbull.
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    +1 for Turnbull... Another option is in Texas. Bobby does some awesome work.

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    Accurate Plating

    ARTS does very fine work.
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    I have used Bill Berthelot in Slidell quite a few times for many things including blueing and have always been pleased.

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