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    Poplarville 3Gun Oct. 3

    Registration is open on PracticeScore for the SMPSA Oct. 3Gun match. We will try again.

    20.00 for members, first time shooters shoot free.

    Hope to see you there.

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    I just may make it to this one. I've been telling myself I need to get out and shoot more
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    It may be worth mentioning this will be a "Run what ya brung" match per the email.

    Looking forward to getting out there again...

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    Yes, should have put that in the first post. Two divisions, PCC, and "Run What Ya Brung"
    In this division, shooter is allowed to change guns from stage to stage if he chooses. Run a suppressed precision rifle in one stage, and a shorter, more compact rifle in another. Change pistols or shotgun from stage to stage also, if wanted. As long as it is safe, and won't hurt our targets. (No steel ammo!!!!!)
    We did this a while back, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Gave folks a chance to play with some of those toys that never come out of the safe.
    Registration is set up on PracticeScore.

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