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    I'm a total magazine whore. I buy magazines for weapons I don't even own. WTF is wrong with me? Anyone else do this?
    Yes. When we emptied Dad's safe we found a few magazines with no corresponding firearm. As far as I know he never had a TEC-9, but it seems he had a magazine for one. He had other magazines I can't identify. And even collected ammo for guns he didn't have. What am I going to do with all this .32 S&W Long?

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    I might have a few mags for guns I no longer own but canít say I buy any for guns I donít have. That said, yes. I stockpile magazines. Iíve done so since high school. I did so for years before the ban in the early 90ís. It just always made good sense.
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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