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    Auto floor mat review

    Thought I’d post about my recent experience with Husky Liner floor mats.

    I bought a set of these that are similar to weathertech for my wife’s vehicle 3 years ago. My son was playing tournament baseball at the time and it reeks havoc on a vehicles interior. Fast forward to last week. I had been noticing the drivers side mat has started losing its shape and decided I’d send them an email and just see how good the “lifetime” warranty is. Well I got a response within 24hrs asking for pictures which I sent. I got a prompt response asking for my shipping information and they sent me a brand new complete set free of charge, no shipping cost or anything. All they asked is that I destroy the damaged mats and send a picture to them. If you are in the market for hard use floor mats I recommend you give these a shot as an alternative to weathertech.

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    Great Service.

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    I have a set of these in my hot shot rig, they’re holding up very very well

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    i have the weather tech in by ram 2500 maga cab and our Kia crossover love them had them in our VW also
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    good to know, thanks Motor51

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