Just wanted to drop a line to all of those incredible thinkers and shapers of out time, the people who program the google ads. I have noticed a slight issue and figured that while I am but a lowly white man, and that I have no idea (or interest) in how programming web pages and the such works, i would point out a "slight" issue that I "may" have noticed.

The ads are cycling faster than a sex scene in a modern movie. So fast that I think I may be becoming mildly epileptic.

Not that I have any interest in the ads, as I can 100% guarantee that nothing advertised is even remotely interesting or relevant to a middle aged white guy who could give 2 shits about the world that is failing around him. However it is like a speeded up strobe party on the right side of my screen. I almost want to get some techno (edm for you young pups that were not around when techno started) blasting in my office to go with the visuals.

I am "hiding" this letter in an obscure corner of the internet, as I doubt it will help at all wherever I choose to put it.

Carry on with your day, hail biden, hail vaccine, hail senselessness!!!