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    Need to Install a Wood Heater

    I am looking to find a company or somebody to install my wood heater in my metal building. i have tried all these fireplace companies online around the Baton Rouge area and none of them want to do the installation because i didn't buy the heater from them. if you know of anybody that can do it please let me know. Located in Prairieville.

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    Still looking for someone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TDuhe87 View Post
    Still looking for someone.
    You're looking for a metal building erector, sheetmetal shop or roofing contractor that installs PBR or standing seam roof panels. Making the roof or sidewall penetration watertight is likely a piece of cake for one of those tradesmen.

    There are several considerations in installing a wood heater and they can all be found here:


    I installed and ran this stove for a decade (sole source of heat) then gave it to my parents.

    You want to get to know your heater VERY well and installing it yourself is a good way to start the relationship. That may sound kooky, it ain't. Changes in the outside air temp, a slight breeze vs a still evening, rain or no rain -all of these things (and much more) affect the way your stove will perform. If you want to send me a few photos of your stove placement and roofline /sidewall piping location, I may be able to help more.

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