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    District 9 Prawn Targets

    In my search for cheap paper targets:, I found some really cool District 9 targets that you can print out.

    Original PDF (Good) -
    Cleaned JPG (Better) -
    Cleaned PDF (Best) -

    Enjoy and post kill pics!

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    Very cool IMO. The prawns are gonna eat some .300 win mag and maybe some .308 (from a FAL, very appropriate given it had a starring role in the movie) this weekend. I'll post pics next week.

    Thanks jbonnette.

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    Nice, I printed out one today... going to shoot at the Bass Pro pistol range tomorrow night. I'll post those too...if they're not too embarrassing.

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    I went shooting at the Fuselier Complex Thursday night. Holes are from a .300 Win Mag at 200 yards. Not a stellar group but acceptable for now as it can only get better.


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    Very cool target, and good movie too. These will be fun. I would like to see peoples faces when they see them in the trash at the range full of holes.

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    dumb? you better be tough

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    Only 10 points for the crotch shot, WTF?????
    "History does not long entrust the
    care of freedom to the weak or the

    Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    sounds good to me

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