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    You should have markings on both the handle and on the coper piece that attaches the handle to the knife, sometimes you will find some on the first 1/4 of an inch that is exposed of the knife after the coper.

    Try and find markings like initials it could help determine who it belonged to

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    Guate, you watch a lot of pawn stars?

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    Well it was a diplomatic gift, how old it is.....thats going to be one hell of a answer.

    Somewhere in some file cabinet will have some paperwork about the gift....from Nepal leader to him....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcrawf1 View Post
    Guate, you watch a lot of pawn stars?
    No I helped my relative try to find some info on the damm sword until I knew there was prison time attached to the damm thing then I said C YA LOL!

    Its pretty freaking interesting though, unfurtunetly I am not lucky enough to own or come up with deals that are worth jumping on.
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    cant seem to find any date markings, maybe if any where there its faded ? I recall my unlce telling me about how the gurcas would scare the japanese when they invaded Nepal.
    A lot has changed, but I still love my guns !

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    Ok, im off for now....maybe someone had seen one before. Off to hit the bed, maybe the mystery will be solved by the AM.
    A lot has changed, but I still love my guns !

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    Take it to Cohen & Sons in the french quarter:

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    Just remember they have magicall powerssssssssssssssssssss!

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    With older handmade knives, it's tough to find a maker if there aren't any distinguishing marks. Hell, that one may be the only one ever made.

    From those pics, the blade looks stamped

    Get a NICE camera and take some pics of it, and then start sending them around to auction houses for appraisals.

    Good luck.

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    Two hispanics jump out the truck. One of them looks at me- his eyes are wide and starts screaming 'fuego! fuego!'.
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    You make as much sense as a box full of $2 sandwich batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guate_shooter View Post
    The bad thing about items like this is that they are easily copied and imitations are all over the place, one of my relatives was lucky enough to be working in Africa back in the late 90's and he wanted a true warrior sword, he asked his guide to find him one and they took him to this place that selled supplies. They took him in the back of the store and this guy opens up a blanket and tells him $100 and its yours he didnt thought much of it he payed the guy and left. A few days later he starts to wonder what if this damm sword is real and what kind of trouble am I looking at if I get cought with a stolen item.

    Make the long story short the national museum had been broken in about 1 year before he got there and most of the warrior items had been taken, he contacted somebody who knew a lot about this items and payed the guy $20 dollars to check on the sword the guy assured him all the items had been taken to private collectors in Europe and there was NO chance the sword he had was real, when he opened the blanket the guy jumped about 3 foot high and got on his knees and started praying telling him that sword was real and that it had magic powers and also a curse the local gave him the $20 back and said he had to go.

    He had to pay $50 dollars to the customs agent in Africa for him to put the damm sword in the Airplane as a "gift", doing some research a few years back he found out that this swords can go up to $50,000.00 in a private collection depending on who it bellonged to, but at the same time the African Government will put you in prison for 35 years if they catch you with one.

    Thats why I said markings on it could really help to determine if its an imitation or a real thing and also the price will depend from it.
    and Africa doesn't have internet and cant google your post?

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