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    shaving with a classic double edge razor

    so i was walking around in germany earlier and i went into this little shop seen that razor and thought i would give it a try. first time shaving with that kinda razor wasnt too bad. i just took my time didnt want to cut myself all up. silky smooth

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    You are yet to be "in need" sometimes when you offshore or over seas for a long period of time and you have limited resources, throw away 10 pack for $1 actually feels like a luxury.

    I dont mind the cheap ones, Im kinna weird when it comes to germs so throw away actually works for me instead of re using.
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    I have used a double edge razor since I started shaving (around 1975) and you can keep "ALL" of these new ones with all of their claims of being so great. I buy 10 blades for less than 1 blade costs for these new ones and my blades last way longer.
    Every disposable razor I have ever tried was dull right out of the package (I will use one in a pinch but...). I have never found another razor that works as well as mine. I have the very same razor I have had since 1975 too.
    I used to buy my blades in Germany at the many "Flea Markets" they have around on Saturdays. I could get 10 blades for about 75 cents.

    Lyrics from an old song went something like this: "Shaving cream, be nice and clean, shave everyday and you'll always look keen."

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    im thinking about getting a good one. this one is made cheap but i just wanted to try it while i had some time to heal before i got back to the states. i might buy a couple packs of blades while im here. i dont know how hard it is to find these back home. i never have looked before. and i agree much better shave then those 5 bladed ones that cost a fortune. i seen a pack of ten blades for like 2 euro so thats not to bad this was 4 euro with 5 blades and the razor

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    I've been using DEs for about 5-6 years. I haven't seen anywhere in Lafayette that sells em (but then I haven't really looked), there was a old barber supply shop when I lived in Jackson that carried them. But I just buy in bulk now. $25 for 100 pack of blades lasts me for a few years. and have a good selection, if you want new. For used theres some forums like badger and blade that you can find the old ones for sale (usually cleaned, sanitized and polished). You can also find sampler packs of blades on there. Personal preference is a slant loaded with a feather.

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    how often do u change blades

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    If you are in Germany, look for one of these.

    Merkur "The Barber Pole" 38C Hefty-Long (Handled) Classic

    and some of these...

    Feather "High Stainless Platinum" Double-Edge Blades

    Oh and look for some PRORASO Shaving Cream (Italy)

    You can thank me later.

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    is that murker gonna be cheaper over here if not i could just order it off that site
    also my great grandfather was a barber so we have a bunch of straight edge razors would that be worth a try or would i end up being like that guy above.
    they probably all would need to be sharpened and cleaned and disinfected.
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    I've used an adjustable blade double edged safety razor for years. Try different brands of razor's in it until you find one that works for you. I'm partial to Feather. They're made in Japan and are unbelievably sharp even for a razor blade. On my Gilette the number three setting seems to work best for my face. You can buy old safety razor handles on ebay for a dime a dozen.

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