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    Stoeger vs Yildiz O/U 12ga

    Been contemplating buying an inexpensive,but good, O/U 12 gauge and I pretty much settled on the Stoeger Condor then I happened upon the Yildiz. Don't know much about the Yildiz other than the fact that it's made in Turkey. The one difference I find between the two is that the Yildiz is much lighter....which to me is not as favorable in O/U shotguns.

    Does anyone know anything about this gun maker,other than the fact that Academy exclusively sells them? Reliability,functionality? Obviously,the $500 or less range is where I'm at. I'm using the shotgun for some informal skeet and maybe...maybe hunting. Like I said,I've pretty much settled on the Stoeger unless the Yildiz proves to be a better buy.

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    I do not have any first hand knowledge, but have been doing some research and came across the Lanber 2087 at CDNN for 449: lots of good reviews on the net

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    Quite a few of the 4H kids use both of these and I've not seen any issues with them. The Yildiz doesn't like the cheap steel case shotgun shells for they will stick in the chamber but that may be true on others just not run across it as much. The Stoger appears a little sturdier but rougher in quality.

    May also look at the Mossberg they have a nice o/u with extractor instead of ejectors and it seems like a really nice one for not a lot more. However either will give you many hours of clay killing enjoyment.
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