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    Have you considered a Water Bob It is a one time use bathtub liner that will store about on hundred gallons of water for drinking, etc. You simply fill it from the faucet just before an emergency.

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    A saucer and a bead of silicone sealant does the same thing for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by denign View Post
    Wow. I dehydrated all my water. :-) why not just have a rain barrel, then re-install the bung? put a pc of screen wire and some coffee filters on the entrance, of course, and treat or boil it if you need it. If you need to move it, pour some out into other containers. Even 2-3 garbage bags, one inside the other, will work short term. the lack of water is one of the reasons why I'll be leavingif shtf. The towns will burn, and looter types will kill you to get your water. dogs will be hanging around your place because they smell water/food, and people will notice the dogs. water storage is a non-starter, really. You need 500 gallons per year, per person, just for drinking, and it weighs 8 lbs per gallon. So a ton of water is just a 6 month supply for one person. So it's just a question of how SOON you will be forced to move close to a water source.
    Yes and make sure you have a couple of crossbows. You get an added bonus of being able to eat the dogs on the quiet. And by dogs, I mean looters...while we are talking crazy talk. And I jest...

    But for real. Left-over glass bottles work great. Handles of liquor, jelly jars, etc. I like glass. It cracks easy, but it stores water very well and doesn't tend to make the water taste funny when it gets hot.
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