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    Knife in your pocket now.....

    I think it would be great to see everyone's blades. So I suggest a picture thread showing what blade/s your carrying and what you think about the blade/s. I will be first

    Currently Carrying:

    2 USA made blades......

    Chris Reeve Umnumzaan

    Two titanium scales, frame lock, and s30v hollow ground blade. I love the blade shape especially the two finger ramps which allow for the user to choke up as well as the glass breaker at the top of the blade when folded. however, I dislike the small somewhat sharp edge on the frame lock scale side.

    Case Folder

    One of my grandfathers small folders I use this usually in public especially when I think some idiot is going to be intimidated by my Umnumzaan. The tip was broken so I reprofiled it using a Spyderco Sharpmaker.

    Show us what your sporting and tell us what you think about it.....
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    dont tread on me

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    i picked this up at a gun show a few months back, prior to this one i carried a ckt m16-0z

    i prefer the spyderco, i like the hinge being on the top and find the little thumb hole super handy...she really could use a sharpening though :/

    i think my next knife purchase, i will have to get my first benchmade. this was my first spyderco and have since purchased a second, but this is still my edc

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    I always at least carry one of many Case XX pocket knives that I have.

    SASS #84934

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    dont tread on me

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    i always wanted to carry a case, but hate how they go sideways in my pocket.

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    Kershaw Clash
    USA Made - Chinese Steel Blade
    Liner Lock - Assister Opening

    Bought it to see if 8Cr13Mov was any good and to see if I would like an AO knife without spending a ton of cash. I had enough points left on my Bass Pro Gold card to get it. It's a good beater knife if you don't want to ruin a spyderco or higher end kershaw. S30V is about the most expensive steel I will buy into. Opens extremely fast for a cheap knife. Ken Onion design with speed safe AO. This could easily be a great design if it weren't for the 8Cr13Mov, lack of a thumbstud, and scale material.

    My thoughts on the 8Cr13Mov:
    A million times better than 420, 440, AUS-6, or AUS-8. Simple to sharpen and holds an edge fairly well for a good period of time even with heavy use. I haven't broken it yet ( although I do use my knife properly ), but my friend has the same knife and somehow managed to bend about an 1/8" of the tip about 60*. I'm surprised it didn't snap.

    Still waiting on a Bayoushooter spyderco...

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    dont tread on me

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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVE_M View Post

    Still waiting on a Bayoushooter spyderco...
    you and me both!

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    0-60 in 5.11

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    SureFire Delta Folder..

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    dont tread on me

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    how you like the surefire?

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    Low Speed High Drag

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    No pics cause the camera is on the blink.

    I normally carry at least 2 consisting of

    Black Label BenchMade 912 Nitrous Tanto plain edge D2

    or a Boker Solingen Gemini Police 90B

    Leatherman Wave in a Belt case and a Ka-Bar TDI Last Ditch in my boot.
    "They're ivory. Only a pimp from a cheap New Orleans whorehouse would carry a pearl-handled pistol." - General George Patton

    All Items Posted For Sale Are From My Own Private, Personal Collection. Any Opinions Given Do Not Reflect The Official Policy Of Any Local, State Or Federal Agency.

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    Kershaw..... love it
    "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it!" Sir Winston Churchill

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