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    Quote Originally Posted by Sin-ster View Post

    Point of fact, this is entirely for myself-- as per this post that started this subforum:

    When I title a thread, "Tools Read Here: ...", then you can assume it's for the general consumption. See, when I started this whole thing, this was still a shooting forum; only in the last few months has turned to anything but.

    Off course JR, Jeff, Nate and Brandon (among others) are free to rib as they see fit. Below the surface, it's all actually quite constructive.
    Wait this was a shooting forum? Like guns and stuff? Damn... I thought it was about the election and reality TV. I guess it's time to move on

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    We are a Louisiana Based firearm discussion board for anyone who is a fan of the shooting sports. We are happy to have you here.

    Here are some of our guidelines:

    Our forums are for any and all subject matter that is relevant to shooting sports or their respective subject matters.
    Please be respectful of people's opinions, even if they differ from your own.
    Front page goodness, written long long ago ( about 13 thousand members or so)

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