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    Welcome to the Marketplace. In order to help ensure consistency in the threads, please abide by the following rules when posting a new thread or when adding a post to an existing thread, as it may apply:

    Failure to abide by these rules will cause a moderator/administrator to edit or remove your thread without notice. Continuous violations may be cause for you to be banned.

    Summary: New threads MUST have; Price, Picture, Contact Info and Location.

    1) For sale threads must have a price. No 'make offer' threads. Feel free to put OBO, but at least start with a price.
    a) WTB threads do not need a price.
    b) WTT threads do not need a price unless there is the possibility of an outright sale.
    c) Your thread's title must clearly state the intention of the ad. This means whether you want to sell, trade or buy. Widely accepted acronyms are preferred (WTS, WTB, WTT, FS, etc.).
    2) Must have Photo(s) for WTS and WTT threads. The photo does not have to be of your item, but at least a stock photo of the item you are selling. Be aware that you'll have a better chance of selling your item if you use a photo of your item.
    You must post a picture at the time of posting, if you don't have a picture available find one on the net that will work as an example or wait to post the ad when you do have one. A clickable link to a website containing a pic does not count. THE PIC MUST SHOW UP IN THE THREAD. Also, if you offer something for trade YOU MUST POST A PIC OF IT.
    3) Bump Post Will be allowed once per day. You may NOT bump your AD the same day you have listed it.
    4) Location. You must have the location portion of your profile filled out. This is accessible under the "Settings" menu at the top of every page (click here). Location must be the city/town you live in or are closest to.

    • BUYERS:
    As noted > Click Here
    -No one but the original thread starter will have the ability to reply to threads in the following sections:

    Firearms Classifieds
    Firearm Parts & Ammo
    General Outdoors / Shooting Classifieds
    Land / Property Classifieds
    Free / Giveaway / Pay it Forward.

    If you attempt to reply to someone's thread you will see an error message.

    If you have a question, trade offer, gripe, purchase offer, etc, you must contact the poster either via the supplied contact information or via PM.

    The thread starter will still have the ability to close the thread and edit his/her post to mark items sold, change pricing, etc.

    Sponsors are allowed one thread in the classifieds, outside of the sponsor's classifieds, to advertise their business(not one per category), which must meet the same rules as a standard ad. You can place as many items as you want in your thread. Once an item is sold, please EDIT the item out of the thread, do not create another thread. Additionally, please place the thread in category the which most directly relates to your business. EX: Pawn & Gun would go in one of the firearms classifieds, while a camping supply store would go in the General Outdoors classifieds.

    1) NO copyrighted, trademarked or other items that have a registered and protected intellectual property right connected with the sale (i.e., copies of MS office, photoshop, etc.) unless you are an authorized distributor.
    2) NO items that are deemed illegal by the State of Louisiana, the state in which the seller resides, the state which the prospective buyer resides or the Federal government. If you have an item such as a 'widget' (for example) that is illegal for sale in Louisiana, DO NOT SELL IT. If it is legal to sell but that sale requires certain legal process to take place, then it is authorized. The onus is upon the seller/buyer to ensure those processes are completed.
    3) Once your item is sold, please edit your thread using the Edit button and change the TITLE ONLY and add SOLD to the end. Please do not edit the actual ad as we want to keep track of how things were advertised in case any problems arise.

    Edit your Thread Title with "SPF(Sold pending Funds)," "Sold," "Traded," "Gone" etc.
    This is to aid the moderators as well as buyers by knowing what the current status of the Sale AD is and whether it's still available.
    In your original post, click Edit, then Go Advanced and edit the title from there.
    *Please do not reply to your thread to mark it Sold.*

    The sales of ANY item with damaged, obscured, or obliterated serial numbers is FORBIDDEN!This board will not facilitate anything that is grey market, black market, or has the possibility or appearance of being either.
    Violation of this Rule could lead to having your account Banned from the Website Permanently!

    *WARNING* Buying/Selling/Trading - Multiple Guns Frequently *WARNING*

    ATF Publication
    Page 36.
    *(c) Dealer in firearms other than a gunsmith or a pawnbroker. A person who devotes time, attention, and labor to dealing in firearms as a regular course of trade or business with the principal objective of livelihood and profit through the repetitive purchase and resale of firearms, but such a term shall not include a person who makes occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby, or who sells all or part of his personal collection of firearms.*
    It has come to our attention of the possibility of a Seller who might participate in unlawful sales of Ammunition and/or Firearms not necessarily due to an ignorance of the Law but also the possibility of willful disobedience to the Law.

    Based on this observation, ALL members are hereby warned of the following;

    If guns are your hobby, great, we understand wanting to try them all.

    If you want to make constant income on firearms and/or ammo,
    you should obtain a Federal Firearms License.

    If you break ANY Local, State or Federal Laws in the course of a sale you make in the marketplace, will cooperate fully with any investigation by local, state, or federal law enforcement.

    It is YOUR responsibility to familiarize yourself with Louisiana Laws concerning the ownership, possession, selling, trading and buying firearms.
    *SOME* of these laws have been collected for your convenience located HERE

    If you misrepresent items you are selling,(i.e. selling reloaded ammo as new), you can be permanently banned from

    In Final; Ignorance or Willful Ignorance to the Law by no means provides you an exception or excuse to the Law.

    For any questions regarding the rules, please direct them to Spanky or AustinBR
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