The Hopper: Funny commercial, but not all that great of a product.

We had The Hopper installed on 21 May, called on 27 May to have them come and remove it.

Issue 1: Eco or Old Godzilla Movie. We have an open floor kitchen/living room. We watch two TVs at the same time. I will be in the kitchen cooking dinner and the wife will be in the living room watching TV. The usual drill is to set up on Auto Tune (more to follow)with what we will watch that night. You cannot sync up two TVs with The Hopper and a Joey. So you either have put up with an eco of 2-3 seconds on the audio or mute one of the TVs and have the video 2-3 seconds off from the audio - Godzilla Movie. This was the big show stopper for us. We had two non-DVR receiver before that would control 2 TVs each. The livening room receiver was put on single mode and each TV was synced up.

Issue 2: Auto Tune. You cannot set two TVs to Auto Tune. If you want to watch the same programs on two TVs you have to program The Hopper then the Joey. The old receivers Auto Tune will show a small countdown clock in the lower left corner 2 minutes out to let you know it was about to change channels. That way you could cancel the Auto Tune if you decide not to change the channel. The Hopper/Joey will put up a large gray box blocking 85% of the screen in the center blocking your view requiring you to grab the remote and clicking on allow or cancel the Auto Tune.

Issue 3: The price. Look at the fees online or ask more direct questions of what the fees are with The Hopper. When I called to upgrade to The Hopper as I was out of my original 24 month contract, I was told my monthly bill would be the same and would only have to pay a $100.00 upgrade/installation fee. After the install I looked up what my new bill would be and was shocked.

Issue 4: The BS you will have to go through to get rid of The Hopper. I spent about an hour and a half on the phone to get Dish Network to down grade me to 1 Duo DVR Receiver and 1 Duo Receiver. Yester day the Tec came out with 1 Duo DVR Receiver and 1 Duo Receiver. He spent about 40-45 minutes setting both of them up as I had The Hoppers/Joeys removed and back in the box for the Tec. Then Dish Network would not activate my receivers. The Tec spent about 40-50 minutes on the phone trying to explain what the service order called for. Dish Network response was once you have The Hopper the only downgrade allowed is to have all of the TVs in the house have their own DVR Receiver. OBTW 1st DVR Receiver is free the other 3 are $17.00 each a month. The Tec was great he said he would handle everything to get it fixed with Dish Network. After about 3 hours of him calling and getting the runaround Dish Network allowed him to install 2 Duo DVR Receivers.

All said and done and over 4 hours of the Tec being at my house I now have two Duo DVR Receivers and my bill is only $10.00 more a month then it was before.