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Thread: Ruston Gun Club

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Horse View Post
    I had asked RGC how much membership was via Facebook a while back, and was told that membership prices varied (I guess depending on who you are and who you know). Today I was in a conversation (again on Facebook) regarding the prices of membership at various ranges in NELA and stated the above. I soon received the following message from one Mitch Dufour, who apparently represents RGC:

    "FYI- Ruston Gun Club has a 500, 300, 200, and 100 yard rifle range. We also enjoy a first class pistol range as well as a nice shotgunning area. We have many fine gentlemen as members. Sorry to see that you do not qualify for membership."

    I just thought I'd let anyone considering joining Ruston Gun Club know the caliber of people there!

    Looks like he's an inspector for the city.

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    I wouldn't want to be around a bunch of people like that. I'd rather drive to west Monroe or quitman. I'm going to check both o them out

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    In oct of 2019, i had to fill out an application for membership for my family. Being an Army vet and enjoying shooting with my family, i wanted a close place for us near Ruston.

    In Jan after RGC had their board meeting we were told we were approved. My family and i were excited. We called back a week or so later to see when we could get acces and pay our dues

    I was told by Bill Gemini that i should not keep contacting them and that he changed HIS mind and my family and I were not a good fit for their club. How rude and insulting can RGC be? Pretty much , VERY!

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    Damn. Was going to look into this place to shoot. How is the OPSO range these days? I had a bad experience there years ago... I have heard it is much better now. I would love to have a place to do some practical pistol shooting (draw from holster, rapid fire...)

    Hell, I should run by the OPSO range one day after work and check it out.

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