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    • I am contimplating a Tactical 4.5. I know another STI is going to join my family, but got thrown for a loop in terms of duty guns recently and need to find something else first. Would be great if i could convince the higher powers of the merits of a real gun, but single action handguns are just not safe... I am still waiting for someone of this frame of mind to convince me how a single action 1911 trigger pull is more dangerous than that of a "safe (single) action" Glock. I like Glocks, and if they were the new choice, I would have no fears, but my point is the actual trigger stroke of a Glock and my current duty 1911 is virtually the same, except one breaks at 3.5 pouns crisply and the other breaks at about 6 pounds not as crisp.

      This is all the result of a duty gun going off accidently... another thing I have never been explained intelligently. Have you ever seen a handgun accidently fire? I have seen lots of people fire them accidently!

      My opinion is to change duty officers when this happens, not duty guns.

      Okay... I have gotten off my soap box. How do you like your Tactical? I can shoot 2 inches consistently with the Ranger and ping plates at 50 yards all day, and i am sure the Tactical will do the same, if not better. Are they basically the same, except for the 2011 frame?
      They are awesome! I have been shooting a Ranger II for a while and I love it. The most accurate I have ever shot... at least for me. I shot a couple of S&W PC 1911's, and they were okay, but nothing compared to the Ranger. Do the 2011 Series "feel" like a regular 1911? Don't know if this is asking right... I have tried a few of the double column designs (Para LDA 18.9, Kimber Ten II, and the SA variant) and they all seemed awkward for me. A standard framed 1911 is like an extension of my hand. I shoot a few matches here and there and I can not get near the speed out of any other type of handgun in terms of something like a tell challenge course of fire. I have had to carry Glocks, and Sigs, and Smiths, but they all seem mediocre once you can clear plates with something else a lot faster. Hope I never have a live stuation like plate match, but would be great to know I had my best friend backing me up instead of the partner the boss teamed me up with!
      Yes they do rule, I've graduated to 2011's, STI's are bad ass check it out, this is what I will be shooting at the match tomorrow in Thibodeaux
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