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    1. J

      Gear storage/display setup??? Looking for inspiration

      I use gearwall. Lots of shelving, hooks, and accessories. It's also very strong.
    2. J

      Any pistol shooters in Houma?

      There is a USPSA match this Sunday in Donaldsonville.
    3. J

      Where has all the training gone?

      Pretty sure advantage group is back doing classes.
    4. J

      Sig 365 spectre comp

      Looks awesome. Where did you find one?
    5. J

      Instructors on the northshore

      TNT Concealed in Robert is very good.
    6. J

      Looooooong Form 4 Wait Times

      Hate to hear that. I have one waiting since May 18th.
    7. J

      Bayou Bullets

      I used them for a while, but when covid hit their lead times were just way too long. I started using black bullets instead. They can get your order within a week.
    8. J

      EAPS (East Ascension Practical Shooters) USPSA Match 10-17-21

      Just make sure you let the match director know if you can't make it the night before. It creates a headache trying to balance squads not knowing if people are going to show up or not.
    9. J

      Steel Challenge Match this Sunday 10-10-21

      Hey Bryan. Are yall shooting outer limits? I'm going to try and make it out, but I just had knee surgery and can't move very well.
    10. J

      Outdoor Rifle Ranges in the BR/NO/Northshore Area?

      A fellow shooter from Hammond here. A lot of goods ones mentioned already. I would like to add Tangipahoa parish sheriff's range in Amite to the list. It's open to the public only on second and third Saturday of the month. Nice range but max 100 yards though.
    11. J

      Anyone running the Shield arms mags in a 43x/48?

      I have two for my 43x, and I have not had a malfunction. I've only put a couple hundred rounds through them though. I did run a guy at a steel challenge match and he shot his 48 with shield mags the whole match without a malfunction.
    12. J


      More like sasquatch riding a unicorn that's riding the loch ness monster.
    13. J

      Mexico sues gun manufacturers and wholeseller

      Can they sue the United States and Obama for providing them the guns?
    14. J

      Iwi tavor opinions

      I was just about to say this. They are built in the gun. I run an EoTech holo sight with a magnifier on mine. Gun is super accurate, but I never could get used to the weight balance compared to standard ARs. It's a sweet gun, but it's just a safe queen/range toy. Good thing you got the geiselle...
    15. J

      Winchester Ammunition Recall Notice.

      Well dang. I just got 1000 rounds of this last week. I'll have to check when I get home. Thanks for the heads up.
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