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    • Seeing the work you have done. Great job!! How much for average engraving job? on ar side that is.
      Please send information about your wheel for the Dillon measures. I have an ancient 550B and may have use of a 650 soon. email is cdtiller at bellsouth dot net Thanks, Chuck
      I did go to one. It was hot so there was one less stage. I think I had last place sewed up pretty tight. I had a borrowed glock. my first shot with it was during the match. I was going home in a bodybag no matter what. I was deliberate (SLOW) and waited for the reaction before moving to the next shot. first time i ever shot steel.

      I told one guy here anybody that ccw's should go to some matches. It is an eye opener.

      I shot steel, pins & ppc and 2 rifle matches I liked the all. Need more .22 matches for guys with regular .22s not specialized target guns.
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