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    1. Fat Andy

      WTS: SAR 9T

      Hey everyone. I have a SAR 9T that I bought about a year ago, maybe a little less from Sportsman Warehouse. Haven’t shot it. It spent a little time in my car and then went back into the case. Nothing wrong with it, just not my type of pistol, and I’ve since purchased other pistols to take its...
    2. Fat Andy

      WTS: Vortex Crossfire

      I’ll get straight to the point. I bought it, put it on my rifle, and have never zeroed it in or used it. It’s just sitting there and I’d rather get some funds for other projects. $100 firm, includes the star shaped Allen wrench. St Tammany Parish area.
    3. Fat Andy

      WTS: RIA M206 - Price Drop

      I have a Rock Island M206, .38spc snub nose for sale. Purchased it from Sportsman Warehouse several years ago. I’ve put maybe a dozen rounds through it, otherwise it’s just sat around. Very little wear, locks up nice and cycles without issue. Asking $250 OBO Open to trades for other firearms...
    4. Fat Andy

      SOLD: Phoenix Arms .25ACP

      I have a Phoenix Arms .25ACP for sale. The original Saturday Night Special. I purchased this one from a pawn shop not too long ago. As you can see it's had some use and some wear and tear. Not sure as to the cause of the markings on the slide. However the firearm itself functions as one would...
    5. Fat Andy

      SOLD: EOTech 512

      Looking to pick up a used 512 if anyone is interested in parting with theirs. I'd offer $300. In the St Tammany area. Thanks.
    6. Fat Andy

      SOLD: AMT .380 Backup

      I have for sale an AMT Backup .380. Bought it a while ago at a pawn shop. Looks to be in good condition. Only test fired it a few times, functions as intended. I like it, but I have other handguns that fill the purpose of this one, so I don’t really need it. Magazine holds 5 rounds, can...
    7. Fat Andy

      WTB: Glock 19 GEN3 or 4

      Title says it all. I'm looking to pick up a G19 Gen3 or 4 for the right price. That is, I'm not going to pay you the price of a Gen 5 brand new for a used Gen 3. Trying to not rape my wallet. Also not looking for any G19 with extras. Just a basic out the box Glock is plenty good. I'm in...
    8. Fat Andy

      WTS: 90rds of 8mm Mauser Ammo

      I parted ways with my K98, and have no need for the ammo anymore. I think this is Yugo surplus. I’ve shot hundreds of these rounds through the K98 I had, and no issues. Asking $35 for the entire bag. I counted 90 rounds total. No trades. Can meet anywhere on the north shore.
    9. Fat Andy

      SOLD: 183rds Winchester .45 230gr Service Grade FMJ

      I’ll get to the point. I no longer have a handgun in .45 ACP, and thus have no need for the ammo. Bought this from Academy a few years back. As you can see I had partially used one of the boxes, but the other three are full 50rd boxes, totaling 183 rounds. Looks like they go $22/box retail...
    10. Fat Andy

      NLFS: BCM Standard 14.5" M4 (SOCOM) Upper Receiver

      I have for sale a BCM Standard 14.5" M4 (SOCOM) Upper Receiver, including a BCM Bolt Carrier Group (MPI) Auto, and Knights Armament RAS. As you can tell, in my naive youth at the time, I took some Rustoleom spray paint to the receiver. It can be removed easily, but I have neither the time nor...
    11. Fat Andy

      NLFS: NLFS

    12. Fat Andy

      WTB: Pocket Gun (.25ACP, .32, .380)

      Getting ready to retake a class for my conceal carry that I unfortunately let expire. Was looking to get a cheap gun to use for pocket carry thereafter. Preferable calibers .25, .32, or .380. Looking for something under $300, in the St. Tammany Parish area, willing to travel a little bit for...
    13. Fat Andy

      WTB: Closed

      Looking to buy a .38 snub nosed revolver. 2” barrel either 5 or 6 shot. Make and model not important. Just good timing on the wheel. Looking to spend $200, cash. Willing to present DL and sign bill of sale. Available in St. Tammany and surrounding area. Thanks! NO LONGER LOOKING...
    14. Fat Andy

      WTS: NLFS: Rock Chucker Supreme Press

      NO LONGER FOR SALE. Looking to sell my Rock Chucker Supreme Press. I used it briefly to reload .30-06 and 8mm Mauser for my rifles. I no longer have time or interest in reloading, and thus don't have a need for this press. Asking $75, and pretty firm since they go for $170+ new. But I'm...
    15. Fat Andy

      WTS: Mauser 98k - LAST PRICE DROP!

      Straight forward and to the point. A 1937 K98 Russian capture. Both German and Russian markings are on it. Chambered in 8mm Mauser (7.92 cal). I've put probably 200~ rounds through it without a problem. Fun gun from history to shoot. Clean and smooth action. NOTE: Front sight hood no...
    16. Fat Andy

      WTB: Stoeger Coach Side by Side 12g

      Looking to pick up a Stoeger Coach/Coach Supreme SxS in 12g, 20in barrel. I have a 20in Mossberg Maverick 7+1 12g with wood furniture I could put towards the deal.
    17. Fat Andy

      Selling an SBR

      So let's say I have an NFA registered SBR that I've decided to sell. How would I go about it in a private sale? Does the purchaser have to pay a Tax stamp on top of my price? Or is it considered a transfer of the tax stamp? Also this firearm is in a trust, could I simply add the person to the...
    18. Fat Andy

      M1 Garand Relod Help

      New to reloading and I began reloading for my M1 Garand. I wanted to test the cycling function with my Garand. All safety precautions were taken as I loaded a clip of reloads into the magazine. I then pulled back on the op-rod and ejected the first round, released the op-rod and chambered the...
    19. Fat Andy

      WTB: Classic Lee Loader 8x57mm

      I know they made these in the past, but are no longer in production. So if anyone here by chance happens to have this hand loading kit and is looking to part with it, send me a message. I'm in St. Tammany Parish but can travel a little for the right deal.
    20. Fat Andy

      WTB: 8mm Mauser Ammo

      Need food for my Mauser 98k. Anyone who may have extra 7.92x57 laying around please message me and we can work out some deals. I'm in the St. Tammany area and can travel a little bit for the right deal.
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