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    1. gunz4me

      Does anyone know of a Toyota dealership that is not charging a "convenience fee" over MSRP on new vehicles?

      The bad thing is some dealers are asking just as much as NEW car prices for used vehicles. In fact, I see some used vehicles with asking prices more than the original MSRP was on the same vehicle just a couple of years ago. On average, used vehicles are 30% to 40% overpriced. I feel sorry for...
    2. gunz4me

      Common theme of the south

      I was taught to respect all things living and if I killed animals for the sake of killing them, my grandfather would have beaten my @ss. My first official training was a hunter's safety course to be able to obtain a hunting license. Later on, I was trained by a good friend of mine who was a...
    3. gunz4me

      Anyone a CPA?

      I'm a Certified Public Accountant. Message me with any questions you may have.
    4. gunz4me

      Elementary School Shooting

      The great divider in chief!
    5. gunz4me

      1911 Reliability

      Springfield and S&W are the two that I had the best luck with regarding reliability. Kimber, I always had issues with. IDK if it was their magazines as I never investigated that far. I do, however, know that after a group shoot, someone swapped my Wilson Combat magazines with Kimber and every...
    6. gunz4me

      Elementary School Shooting

      All I know is I got tired of seeing anti 2A stuff on social media so I posted this: With all this gun control talk that I do not wish to see, I'll just leave this little fact out there: More people died from COVID under Biden's presidency than from gun violence. Oh the arguments, first one...
    7. gunz4me


      Century Build = hit or miss like everything else that comes out of Century? The best rifle that I ever had from Century was a G1 FAL that was built on a Century branded Imbel Gear Logo receiver. I ended up selling it to a FAL fanatic and he stripped it down to refinish/rebuild it. Even he...
    8. gunz4me

      Anyone had issues with a gen 1 POF billet AR-15 lower?

      Well, that is discouraging to hear. OTOH, this is the only billet lower that I intend to build because it was way too problematic to assemble. I don't even remember what I was thinking at the time when I purchased it, lol. I think Sun Devil made them back then and that was why I wanted to try...
    9. gunz4me

      Anyone had issues with a gen 1 POF billet AR-15 lower?

      Today, I finally assembled a gen 1 POF Billet AR lower that I purchased back in 2007. That lower literally fought me every step of the way and I cannot tell if it was out of spec or just due to the anodizing. First off, the trigger guard roll pin was a CHORE to get in there. Keep in mind, I...
    10. gunz4me

      Farewell Essential Arms

      I used to like running into Vaughn at the gun shows. He always had every part one could think of and it was always a pleasure to have a conversation with him. I have one EA lower and one of his aluminum stocks.
    11. gunz4me

      Back from the dead - any old members still on here?

      It was a bigger dude, like Spanky used to be.
    12. gunz4me

      Back from the dead - any old members still on here?

      Oh snap, all this time I thought it was you, lol. Now, I don't know who the heck it was... BUT, he did have a lot of stuff...
    13. gunz4me

      Daylight Saving Time Will Be Permanent 2023.

      This sums it up: Arizona and Hawaii opted out of the Uniform Time Act in the 1960s. Puerto Rico should be self-explanatory being they aren't a state...
    14. gunz4me

      Daylight Saving Time Will Be Permanent 2023.

      We already had a bill in Louisiana to do it, pending Federal approval...
    15. gunz4me

      Ruger P95 High Round Count Review

      I had a P95 in the late 90s that I ended up selling during the AWB. It served duty as a cheap car gun, but I found it too bulky to be practical for anything other than that. I replaced it with a Sig P226, which while bulky, I enjoyed shooting a lot more. IMHO the Sig was just a smoother...
    16. gunz4me

      If only everyone had electric cars...........

      I wonder how California is going to upgrade their electrical infrastructure in time for the pending ban on ICE vehicles being sold in the up and coming years? FFS, they can't even make it through summer as it currently stands without performing rolling blackouts. What is going to happen when...
    17. gunz4me

      Back from the dead - any old members still on here?

      It sure did. I met Spanky at Sherbune for an shoot in 2006 and he was handing out stickers and what not encouraging us all to join. I miss those days...
    18. gunz4me

      Back from the dead - any old members still on here?

      I'm still around, don't post much, but I'm still around...
    19. gunz4me

      Today I learned...

      I always hate going behind other people's builds...
    20. gunz4me

      Today I learned...

      Today I learned that if you are swapping stocks on an AR-15 that you did not build, the more you try to save the rear takedown detent and spring, the greater the risk of losing both by launching them across the room. My issues were compounded by the fact that whoever assembled this was...
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