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    1. hunter5567

      Range USA

      I got a postcard from Range USA off Millerville Rd in Baton Rouge advertising a Grand Opening on 7/15-7/17
    2. hunter5567

      1,000 rounds 9mm Blazer $299

      $325.37 w/ shipping and taxes at Firearms Depot w/ code 14ABT22
    3. hunter5567

      WTS: Benjamin Marauder .25 PCP Air Rifle FS/FT

      I have a Benjamin Marauder .25cal rifle I'm thinking of selling. It's in excellent condition with 4 magazines and 2 cans of JSB Match Diabolo .25cal, 25.39gr pellets. I was using a hand pump and just don't shoot it much any more. I have a Benjamin Discovery .22 rifle with a moderator on it that...
    4. hunter5567

      MAS 36: worst trigger in history re-visited.

      The triggers were stiff so they wouldn't go off when the French threw them on the ground while surrendering, no safety--you know !!!
    5. hunter5567

      Supreme Court Rules Against New York Licensing Law

      Now they need to review the Red Flag laws and deem them unconstitutional since it violates due process.
    6. hunter5567

      Benjamin Marauder--to the Classifieds

      To the Classifieds
    7. hunter5567

      Has there ever been a successful Recall Election for a US Senator?

      I'm thinking Bill Cassidy needs to go. I don't think we can take 4 more years of his RINO bullcrap.
    8. hunter5567

      What would you say to a true "compromise" with the anti-gun folks?

      Put their compromises with their butthurt feelings and shove it where the sun don't shine.
    9. hunter5567

      WTS: 410 shotgun shells

      9 boxes of Winchester 2.5" 7.5 shot $25/box 2 boxes of Federal 2.5" 8 shot 3 boxes of Winchester 2.5" 9 shot 3 boxes of Herter's 2.5" 9 shot 2 boxes of Winchester 3" 6 shot $30/box 1 box of Winchester 3" 4 shot 3 boxes of Remington 3" 5 shot Baton Rouge area for pickup, call/message or...
    10. hunter5567

      Are there Lists of Reputable and Fake Online Firearm Vendors?

      What I have seen is that the fake sites only take bitcoin/zelle/cashapp, etc for payment and there is no provision to select a FFL before purchase. The legit sites will take visa for payment and always have a provision to select your FFL before purchase. If you don't receive your firearm after...
    11. hunter5567

      Sen. Bill Cassidy Aids In Creating Gun Control Package Framework

      Send him a note saying you are 10X more likely to be killed by malpractice of your doctor as get shot by a gun. That Rino sunbeach looks like Frankenstein too.
    12. hunter5567

      Does anyone know of a Toyota dealership that is not charging a "convenience fee" over MSRP on new vehicles?

      I think it was May 23rd. They had some coming in already. I'm wondering if it's going to go into July before it comes in.
    13. hunter5567

      Does anyone know of a Toyota dealership that is not charging a "convenience fee" over MSRP on new vehicles?

      They have a list of what is allocated to them that will be coming in. They didn't have a lot of options as far as what color you can get and you can't custom order one since they are selling them faster than hotcakes. Mine was on their allocated list and is in grey mica. It's supposed to be...
    14. hunter5567

      Does anyone know of a Toyota dealership that is not charging a "convenience fee" over MSRP on new vehicles?

      The new Camry Hybrids are basically being sold before they even arrive at the dealership. I'm waiting on a 2022 Camry Hybrid XSE to come in a the end of this month from Supreme Toyota in Hammond. The $500 deposit is to get the first look at the car when it comes in and goes towards the purchase...
    15. hunter5567

      FYI if you live in zip code 70123 - purchasing ammo online

      New Orleans is only gun friendly to criminals.
    16. hunter5567

      45 Colt Ammo
    17. hunter5567

      Saw a very funny decal today…

      Just Empty Every Pocket Found on road, deserted.
    18. hunter5567

      Bayou Shooter Pmag giveaway

      Are in
    19. hunter5567

      .350 legend for Louisiana deer?

      Any .35cal and up in a single shot rifle with a hammer is legal for primitive season. 35 Remington is an excellent round but not many single shots chambered for it.
    20. hunter5567

      .32 availability

      Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't realize it ran at greater pressure than the 32 S&W Short or Long. I never fired in anything less than a 32 H&R Magnum revolver and of course the 327 operates at twice the pressure of the 32 Mag. Even the lowly 25ACP runs at twice the pressure as the 32 Long.
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