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    1. J

      Engraving around Hammond, La.

      Looking for somebody around the Hammond area to engrave a few firearms. Just simple stuff, but I would appreciate quality work.
    2. J

      Body armor question

      So with everything going on I've been carrying my plate carrier in the truck with me lately along with my rifle. This got me thinking about if I were to have to use it and what that would look like to a first responder. I want to be immediately recognized as the good guy to anybody just showing...
    3. J

      Police radio/scanner?

      With everything going on lately I want to get a radio or scanner for police/fire. Preferably something portable. Is this doable for a non-leo? If so, what's the best one to get? I want to be able to hear everything local around me. Not really interested the the phone apps.
    4. J

      WTS: 10.5" PSA Glock Mag AR Pistol 9mm - $600.00

      10.5" PSA AR pistol in 9mm that takes glock mags. $600.00 SOLD
    5. J

      Competition pistol gunsmith

      So who is the go to gunsmith around southeast Louisiana for a competition style pistol. Specifically a 2011. I remember loques a while back but I don’t see him around anymore.
    6. J

      WTS: Sig P229 Legion

      I have a Sig P229 Legion for sale - $1,000.00 Comes with 3 factory mags, factory hard case, and Legion case from Sig. SOLD
    7. J

      WTS: IWI Tavor SAR 556 - $1,600.00

      I have a FDE Tavor 556 for sale for $1,600.00. The EOTech and muzzle brake are not included. It will have the stock flash hider when sold. Bump for price drop $1,500.00
    8. J

      How are you carrying a backup mag for your CCW?

      Where and how are you guys carrying a backup mag for your CCW pistol? I'm running out of pockets, and I can't seem to find a simple solution for a belt mounted holster. Most seem to be too big for just holding a single stack mag. Like this crossbreed seems bigger than my gun holster.
    9. J

      Getting into 3-gun competition, have questions.

      Recently my wife came to me and asked me if we could do some competitive shooting. I suggested 3-gun as I have always wanted to get into it. I have a couple of questions about starting out. I have the basic guns, belts and holsters needed. - Where around the northshore area can you go and...
    10. J

      QC10 Lower locally

      Anybody know where I can pick up a QC10 lower local around the northshore area? I can order one, but I'd rather keep my money local.
    11. J

      Range organization/cases?

      I've been going to the range a good bit lately and found that I am carrying several hard cases, soft cases, range bag, targets, and other misc stuff. I've been thinking of ways to simplify the way I pack my stuff. Anybody have any ideas of cases or boxes rigged up for a good range day? My...
    12. J

      Local powder supplier?

      Where are you guys getting your powders locally (northshore/BR)? More specifically pistol powders. I can't seem to find anybody in Hammond that has some in stock. I figured I would go to BR to get some but don't know if anybody over there has any in stock either.
    13. J

      New guy from Hammond

      Hey guys, I'm a new member to the forums from Hammond. I look forward to gain some new info from such a local group.
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