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      GONE Granite Island Top

      GONE GONEI have 2 pieces of granite. One is the top off the kitchen island. It is 51"x70". It is finished on all 4 sides. The other is countertop 25"x70". It is finished on one side. They are 2cm thick. The large one weighs approximately 280 pounds.
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      SOLD: CCI 22 Standard Velocity

      I have 10 boxes of CCI 22 standard velocity for sale. I paid $40.35 out the door at Walmart. Will sell for $40.00. Just trying to get my money back. Pick up in Baton Rouge.
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      WTT: 410 3 inch for 410 2 1/2 inch

      Want to Trade: I have 8 boxes of 3 inch 410. I would like to trade for 2 1/2 inch 410. Even Trade 1 for 1. Any quantity. I have Remington #4 shot, #5 shot and #6 shot and Federal # 6 shot.
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      SOLD: Promax Rifle case

      SOLD::: Promax Model# 1531 rifle case. New. Asking $40.00. $35.00. $30.00. $25.00.
    5. D

      Ink Cartridges

      GONE GONE GONE FREE FREE I have 4 almost new genuine HP ink cartridges. About $80.00 new. Bought them last week in a attempt to fix my printer (Office Jet 6600). No fix. New printer arrived today. Baton Rouge pick up only...
    6. D

      SOLD: BCM PNT Coated Single Stage AR-15 Trigger

      Sold: BCM PNT Coated Single Stage AR-15 Trigger. Never been installed in an AR. Took this as part of a trade. Link: bcm-pnt-trigger-assembly-ar15 Asking $50.00 Price reduction $45.00. Will consider reasonable offers.
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      SOLD: SOLD 9MM Ammunition

      SOLD I have several brands of 9mm ammo for sale. I have 800 rounds of Winchester, Winchester is sold. 200 rounds of Federal, 600 400 200 rounds of CCI Blazer, and 400 rounds of PMC. All ammo is brass case. 50 rounds is $18.00. 100 rounds $36.00 etc.
    8. D

      GONE Free Range Brass

      GONE I have about 25 pounds of range brass. Mostly 9mm, 380 and 40 S&W. Pick up in BR near Academy on Siegen.
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      SOLD: 40 S&W ammo

      SOLD....2 boxes of Herter's 40 S&W ammo. 180 GR FMJ $24.00 $23.00 a box.
    10. D

      SOLD: 380 Ammo

      SOLD... 4 Boxes of Herter's 380 ammo. 95 GR FMJ. $23.00 $22.00 per box.
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      WTS: 17 HMR 200 round box CCI ammunition

      For Sale: 200 round box of CCI 17 HMR ammo. 17 Grain 2650 FPS. $55.00 $48.00 $47.00 $45.00 $42.00. 1 box for sale.
    12. D

      SOLD: SOLD..1000 CCI Large Pistol Primers

      For Sale: 1K CCI No. 300 Large pistol primers. $100.00 $90.00 per 1K.
    13. D

      SOLD: SOLD 5.7x28 FNH Ammunition

      SOLD....5.7x28 FNH ammunition.40 grain Hornady V-Max Bullet. 50 round box. $50.00 per box. 2 boxes for sale. Same price as Academy when they have it.
    14. D

      SOLD: SOLD...Winchester 22LRHP Ammunition

      Winchester SuperX 22LRHP 40 grain copper plated. Small Game. 1280 FPS 100 round box. $11.00 $9.00 per box.
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      Iberville Parish Council Range Reopening

      UPDATE: The range will opening on Thursday August 12 due to the heavy equipment they used for the dirt work being removed today. The Iberville Parish Range is opening back up Wednesday August 11. I talked to Jerry, one of the range officers today. WOOHOO!!!!!!
    16. D

      SOLD: SOLD...Remington Golden Bullets 22LRHP 525 round box

      Remington Golden Bullets 22LRHP Brass Plated. 525 round box. $36.00 a box. I have 3 for sale. If you don't like the price make me a reasonable offer.
    17. D

      SOLD: Federal 22LR 325 round box

      SOLD....I have 5 boxes of Federal AUTOMATCH 22LR ammunition. 325 rounds per box.
    18. D

      WTS: CCI Stinger 22LRHP

      For Sale: CCI Stinger 22LR hollow point copper plated ammunition. 32 grain 1640FPS. Asking $11.00 per box. 4 for sale.
    19. D


      SOLD:::For Sale: I have 5 boxes of Federal AUTOMATCH 22LR ammunition. 325 rounds per box. $25.00 a box. That is $.076 per round.
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      SOLD: SOLD..9 mm CCI Blazer Ammunition

      SOLD SOLD: 9mm CCI Blazer ammunition. 115 grain and 124 grain brass case ammunition. 115 grain is $21.00 per box. 124 grain is $22.00 per box. I have several of each.
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