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    1. BOSS351

      SOLD: Steeldive Captain Willard homage dive watch $65.00

      This is a Steeldive homage of the Seiko Captain Willard watch made famous in the movie “Apocalypse Now” hence its nickname in the watch world. Second owner and comes as you see it-no box or extras. Features a Seiko automatic movement, screw down caseback and crown with a beefy crown guard...
    2. BOSS351

      WTS: Miscellaneous Gun Books

      Time for these to find new homes. Lugers of Ralph Shattuck- rare and a must for Luger collectors. 45.00 Handguns of the Armed Organizations of the Soviet Occupied Zone and German Democratic Republic-very informative and rare book for Eastern Bloc pistols. Some I’ve never seen nor heard of...
    3. BOSS351

      Feedback using Tapatalk

      Hey tech gurus how can you leave feedback using Tapatalk?? For some members they may only have phones. TIA!
    4. BOSS351

      SOLD: S&W M&P Shield 9ez REDUCED

      I have decided to let this one go. Comes as you see it in the pics. 3 magazines total with the pistol and original box and paperwork. This pistol has some of the best night sights I’ve seen on a factory pistol. Sight alignment very quick to acquire. Selling for $400. Will need your DL and do a...
    5. BOSS351

      S&W 9 EZ grip safety problem and repair. DISREGARD..

      Hey guys I purchased the above pistol and am having a grip safety problem. I thought it was me but three others have shot it and all of us are experiencing a no fire event and it all has to do with the grip safety. Nothing like a 1911 at all and seems you have to consciously squeeze the grip to...
    6. BOSS351

      SOLD: Nice Citizen Eco-Drive diver BN0151-09L REDUCED!

      Selling simply because it hasn’t had any wrist time in the last year and not worn a whole lot before that. Comes as you see it with original blue strap and an extra link for the stainless bracelet I put on it immediately after I got it. Strap was never worn. Crystal flawless. Bezel insert has a...
    7. BOSS351

      GX4 for CC

      Would like to hear from peeps who actually carry one of these not from people who want to trash Taurus. Yes they have had their problems but in my research thus far this one is up there with the Sig365 which I have shot plenty but have not owned.
    8. BOSS351

      Bait bucket/cooler for shrimp

      Hello fellow shooters and inshore anglers. I usually use artificial for specs and reds but want the option to bring live shrimp especially in the summer months. My boat doesn’t have a live well and started looking at the aerated coolers and buckets. Would like recommendations from those of you...
    9. BOSS351

      SOLD: FOUND! ONE!!!! No longer looking for a LCP Max

      ISO a LCP Max. If you have one that you may want to sell I may be interested!
    10. BOSS351

      Any Taurus GX4 owners?

      As the title says asking if anyone owns and shoots a GX4 and is using it for CC. Thanks in advance!
    11. BOSS351

      Old revolver ID and possible value

      My moms aunt passed away in the late 80s and when we were emptying her house to sell it we found this H&R 32 revolver with a small box of lead round nose ammo. It seems there are many models like this with multiple patent dates..trying to figure out how old it may be. The action is tight and...
    12. BOSS351

      NLFS: GSG Firefly FDE

      Up,for grabs is a LNIB GSG Firefly that has had no more than 4 mags through it. Comes with all factory original items and an additional magazine (Sig Mosquito mag). PM for more info or pics. $300.00 and you own it!
    13. BOSS351

      NLFS: Ruger SR1911

      Time to thin the herd some. Beautiful LNIB Ruger SR1911 with everything that came with it new. I don’t think I shot this one and have had it for about 4 years. These were discontinued in 2015 if I remember right. This is the full size not Commander and is in .45. $900.00 and it’s yours. PM for...
    14. BOSS351

      SOLD: SCCY CPX-2 FDE 9mm

      LNIB FDE pistol. Comes with all factory items as seen in the photos. Thinning the herd some. 300.00 takes it.
    15. BOSS351

      WTB: .38 or .357 2-3 inch bbl revolver

      Looking for a revolver in .38 or .357 with a 2-3 inch barrel and a hammer. Whatcha got?
    16. BOSS351

      Sticky holsters—anybody use them?

      As the title says do any of you use them or have used them? TIA!
    17. BOSS351

      SOLD: Armi Tanfoglio GT380 .380

      Bought this from a family member as a little project as it was missing a magazine and had a broken ejector. Got the ejector replaced by Vince Buckles and sourced an Excam magazine which fits but does not lock the slide back on the last shot. You have to have an original magazine is what I...
    18. BOSS351

      WTB: Ruger Mk II magazines

      Looking for at least one Ruger Mk II magazine.
    19. BOSS351

      Any good smiths in the ascension area?

      I have an Excam GT 380 that needs the ejector replaced. Have the part on order but looking for a competent person to replace it. Looks like two solid pins need to be driven out and I don’t have the expertise/ tools to do it without possibly messing it up. Any help appreciated!
    20. BOSS351

      Excam GT380 ejector

      Hi guys I picked up a Excam GT380 from a relatives estate. They could tell me nothing about it and it was missing a mag. Bought a mag for it, disassembled and cleaned it and discovered the ejector was broken. It looks like it is held by two solid pins. I ordered the part and looking for advice...
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