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      Thermals / base layer

      When I was on Deepwater rigs I got some silk weight stuff from Academy. Found it in the stuff for snow skiing. Worked very well especially if you were moving around a little.
    2. C

      Trooper Chases Motorcycle at High Speed.

      That’s crazy. Around here (Lafayette) that chase would have been about 2 minutes; someone texting & driving would have taken him out.
    3. C

      Armor Piercing Ukrainian Rifle.

      Probably start at the bank with a home equity loan.
    4. C

      Handgun Carry Doubled Between 2015 & 2019.

      Probably more than that. With the insanity that’s taken over today I can’t blame them.
    5. C

      LSU Football.

      Best game I’ve seen in a long time.
    6. C

      CBP Firearms Instructor Killed at Firing Range.

      I helped out with a SWAT Team a couple months ago for their school shooter training. Spent the better part of the day with. If I’m not mistaken their duty weapons were left in their vehicles & dedicated training weapons were used. Regardless it was a tragedy that this happened.
    7. C

      Getting older is for the birds…

      My Dad had shingles a couple times. The last time he was hospitalized & never recovered; left in a body bag.
    8. C

      Getting older is for the birds…

      You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till you turn 68. Back aches from years of just grabbing stuff and hauling it away, joints ache from just being worn out. I still do as much as I can around the house but I don’t jump down from anything anymore. Take care of yourself.
    9. C

      More News on Mayor Cantrell.

      I was about to ask who the hell keeps voting for these idiots but, you answered my question.
    10. C

      More News on Mayor Cantrell.

      I spent time in Lagos (Victoria Island), Port Harcourt & Warri. Don’t ever want to go back.
    11. C

      FYI....I'm a racist!!!

      I think we are all considered racist, terrorists, etc. by the circus act running the country now.
    12. C

      80 college students trash and steal from a store in Philly en mass.

      It’s truly sad what the liberals have done too this country. What’s scary is how many people agree with their nonsense.
    13. C

      Med Kit List

      Check out My Medic. They have a pretty good selection of kits from basic stuff to trauma kits. Some get pretty expensive but you can get an idea of items if you intend to build your own kit.
    14. C

      Generac service

      Second on Optimize. Installed/service mine.
    15. C

      Parts of Louisiana Will Be Lost.

      Could have been a sub-sea mud slide.
    16. C

      GMC 5.3V8 with 6 Speed and 3.42 rear

      I would look into a larger transmission pan & a trans. Cooler if the truck doesn’t have one now. Heat is the enemy of transmissions.
    17. C

      WHO declares global emergency over monkey pox

      What gets to me is once again the bill for this sick behavior is paid for by the taxpayers.
    18. C

      New marijuana law

      If you are smoking a doobie in your car I suggest that you also eat a lot of beans before you start your journey. When you see the pretty blue lights behind you let one rip just before you lower your window. Problem solved.
    19. C

      39 Guns at Work Gets Owner Arrested.

      Now that’s some funny s@@@ right there.
    20. C

      Let's see some strays or rescues

      Lost both of these guys in Feb. of this year. Both died of cancer 6 days apart. The Pit was the best dog we ever had.
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