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      GONE Granite Island Top

      GONE GONEI have 2 pieces of granite. One is the top off the kitchen island. It is 51"x70". It is finished on all 4 sides. The other is countertop 25"x70". It is finished on one side. They are 2cm thick. The large one weighs approximately 280 pounds.
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      Too much boom @ indoor ranges

      And Vets spouses shoot free also..
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      Too much boom @ indoor ranges

      What he said!!! If convenient to you Iberville is great!!!
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      Looking for serious opinions about Nick's

      I was a member at Nick's for several years. I left Nick's and joined Palo Alto. There was no reason why I left Nick's other than I wanted to try Palo Alto. Did Palo Alto for 1 year and went back to Nick's. I just preferred Nick's. Can't really say why other than I shoot mostly pistol and felt...
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      Fun at Nicks

      I always bring a junk pair of tennis shoes or "shrimp" boots when I go to Nicks. Good place to shoot but sometimes you have to do the backstroke to get out past 50.
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      SOLD: CCI 22 Standard Velocity

      I have 10 boxes of CCI 22 standard velocity for sale. I paid $40.35 out the door at Walmart. Will sell for $40.00. Just trying to get my money back. Pick up in Baton Rouge.
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      A post on BS a few months back: valuable-lesson-learned-last-night….204649
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      Not all are scams.. This looks legit!!!
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      SOLD: Promax Rifle case

      Bump with price reduction.
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      WTT: 410 3 inch for 410 2 1/2 inch

      Want to Trade: I have 8 boxes of 3 inch 410. I would like to trade for 2 1/2 inch 410. Even Trade 1 for 1. Any quantity. I have Remington #4 shot, #5 shot and #6 shot and Federal # 6 shot.
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      SOLD: Promax Rifle case

      Bump with price reduction
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      Printing La. CCW Permit application

      Do a screen shot and print the screen shot.
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      SOLD: Promax Rifle case

      Bump with price reduction
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      SOLD: Promax Rifle case

      SOLD::: Promax Model# 1531 rifle case. New. Asking $40.00. $35.00. $30.00. $25.00.
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      Ink Cartridges

      GONE GONE GONE FREE FREE I have 4 almost new genuine HP ink cartridges. About $80.00 new. Bought them last week in a attempt to fix my printer (Office Jet 6600). No fix. New printer arrived today. Baton Rouge pick up only...
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      SOLD: BCM PNT Coated Single Stage AR-15 Trigger

      Bump with price reduction.
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      SOLD: BCM PNT Coated Single Stage AR-15 Trigger

      Sold: BCM PNT Coated Single Stage AR-15 Trigger. Never been installed in an AR. Took this as part of a trade. Link: bcm-pnt-trigger-assembly-ar15 Asking $50.00 Price reduction $45.00. Will consider reasonable offers.
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      Bayou Shooter Pmag giveaway

      I am in.
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