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      WTS: Glock 43X

      I’ve got a 43X for sale. It is a risengunworks works cut slide and frame work and has a empire stiletto trigger. Everything else is factory. Only had 2 mags thru it and will not come with the holosun. Selling for $1075 cash.
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      WTS: Sig p320 grips and a couple mags

      I’ve got 2 full size for full length slide, one full-size grip with weight and magwell for a shorter slide. and then 2 compact compact grips with 15 rd mags for both. Everything is a medium grip except the black compact is a large. Prices are full size grips $45 a piece. Full-size grip with...
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      SOLD: Exps 2-0

      I’ve got a eotech EXPS 2-0 for sale. It’s practically new, was mounted on a gun that never left the safe. Inspection date of 6/15/21. Will let it go for $425 picked up or add $10 and I’ll ship it 225-7one6-03two4
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      SOLD: ….

      I’ve got a brand new exps 3-0 and unity riser for sale. Decided to go LVPO instead so these have to go. $700 for the setup.
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      SOLD: Sig P320

      I’ve got a Sig P320 X series up for sale. This is a 3.9” slide with a little holster wear. I can sell it as just the gun with the compact frame and one mag or as a whole set. Looking g to get 550 for just the pistol as you see in either the black or FDE frame or 750 for the gun and extra mags...
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      SOLD: 5” m&p 2.0 completed slide with WAR port

      45 slide sold. And I have a 2.0 5” M&P slide that has a WAR port job and frank proctor sights that has 200rd thru it. Looking to sell for $650 or trade for a 4” slide and $325.
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      SOLD: Brand new M&P 2.0 4.25”

      Brand new pistol no rounds thru it, I’m looking to sell for $450 need gone. Text for quicker response at 225-7one6-03two4 Make me a offer need gone this week
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      WTS: Kimber customs shadow ghost

      Looking to sell a brand new kimber shadow ghost. $750 may have a few more mags to go with it
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      SOLD: Surefire M300c

      I e got a Surefire M300c I’m looking to either sell for 225 of trade for a X300U A or B and color doesn’t matter. The light has only been used a couple times around my house as a hand held light. Located in White Castle. La
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      WTS: …….

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      WTS: M&P9c price reduced

      I’ve got a M&P 9c I’m looking to trade. It comes with 3 mags with pinky extension and one flush fit mag, trijicon night sights, and stippled frame. I’m wanting a new suppressor host so I want to trade for a full size M&P 9mm 1.0 or a 2.0 in the compact 4” slide or full-size pistol.also would...
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      SOLD: Brand new Trijicon MRO HD and magnifier combo price reduced

      I’ve got a brand new Trijicon MRO HD and magnifier combo for sale. Decided to go different route with my build so looking to sell. 900 shipped or 875 pickup
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      WTT: 5” M&P 2.0 slide with WAR Port job

      I’ve got a factory 5” M&P 2.0 slide with a Weapons Armament Research afterburner port job on it. I’ve got a couple mags through it at the range but that’s about it, shoots amazing but I’m wanting to build another carry gun so looking to get a smaller slide. The cerakote has a couple nicks but...
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      SOLD: Brand new 34 MOS

      I’ve got a brand new gen 5 34 MOS unfired I’m looking to trade. I got 2 34s now so looking to trade one. Im looking to sell for 700 or trade for either a 17L, FN 509 tactical, considering a CZ scorpion plus some cash on my end, or maybe a VP9. Located in White Castle, pistol will come with...
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      WTS: Sold

      I have a brand new APC9 pro for sale. Never been shot, looking at purchasing a house so could use some extra cash for closing cost or anything that might come up. 2300$ located in plaquemine, la. You can reach me on here or text at 225-7one6-03two4.
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      SOLD: A few weapon mounted lights for sale

      I’m looking to get rid of a few lights that just sit in the safe. All have very little use and none were ever carried on a pistol or rifle. I’ve got 2 stream light TLR-1 HL, one black and one dark fde 110 shipped a piece. A M600DF with pressure switch for 225 shipped. And a Mini infrared Scout...
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      SOLD: Sig p320 for trade

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      SOLD: Sold

      I’m looking to swap complete slides for factory gen5 19/19x/45 slides and 300$ for each. No longer have the battle worn slide only the black available. It stated life a a new 19x slide and was sent off to get gut a cerakoted black. The slide is still new never fired. And both have blacked out...
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      SOLD: ….

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