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    1. 340six

      Biden/Democrats Call for Ban on AR Rifles.

      They won't be happy till we just have black powder! Then take they will stop the factory made powder with help from the EPA And make it a crime to make your own powder next.
    2. 340six

      Need help

      Click on Fourms. Look from top down till you see Market Place below the list of disscussion forums. The Market Placee has Subforums pick the correct one. You need a Picture, a Price and General Location of where of the item is being sold. I am putting this here instead of a PM (conversation)...
    3. 340six

      In need of Dillon RL 1000 toolhead

      Did you check with the Brian Enos web site? Plenty guys there. I am sure I butchered the name.
    4. 340six

      Ruger MK 3 22/45 lite or Taurus TX22 comp

    5. 340six

      New Guy

    6. 340six

      How do I mark WTS item SOLD?

      If the add is very old and you did not put a,Prefix you may be unable to. We edit all the ads we see and add them. But many member's do not put them. As always you can use the report feature on the orginal post and ask
    7. 340six

      New guy from Mississippi

    8. 340six

      Reloading cooperative

      You said he was a supporter of the site. He is not just stating the facts.
    9. 340six

      Reloading cooperative

      It in fact does.
    10. 340six

      Stupid news reporting

      Was just going buy books, and school supplies
    11. 340six

      Literally making posts so I can respond to ads

      I already told you in PM you need to stop spam posting and send PM. Read the rules. Do an intro thread. I am posting this here since looks like you do not know how to click and open the Conversation (PM) I sent you as to how things work.
    12. 340six

      Won’t let me message or sell on here

      Make one post and unlock the private message system. Just One Click on users name and click on start conversation. Sure Looks Like you know how to Spam Post to Site. No way seeing the that anyone will answer back. I would not. Please stop the Spam Post.
    13. 340six

      Stupid news reporting

      I love news paper. Cleans glass and mirrors great
    14. 340six

      States ranked by number of firearms

      I don't own any guns yet. I keep looking for one of the cool ones mentioned on the news. I really want one of them AR-16. And really want something that I can shoot wait for it....... Full Semi-Auto
    15. 340six

      New Guy in Marrero

    16. 340six

      New to the area and state

    17. 340six

      New guy in Mississippi

    18. 340six


    19. 340six

      Hellcat Pro OSP owner

    20. 340six

      Hey y'all

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