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    1. J

      G3C $164.17 after $25 mail in rebate This is a great deal for a decent little handgun. This would make a good backup or holiday gift for someone close to you.
    2. J

      Primers in stock!

      Gretna Academy has a large assortment of primers in stock on the shelves and behind the gun counter. No limit. I saw federal premium match rifle and pistol small and large, CCI small rifle, Remington small pistol, and federal large pistol. Edit: also saw some federal premium magnum primers as...
    3. J

      Where to order night sights for Glocks?

      I do most of my Glock shopping at Bigtexordnance or brownells but I’m not seeing much of a selection at all. Looking for some ameriglo or trijicon night sights for a G19. Any pointers on where to look? I see Amazon has quite the selection but I’m not sure how I feel about ordering from them...
    4. J ar upper choices?

      Does anyone make one that runs reliably? I’ve been looking into .22lr ar options to save some money on ammo. So far it seems like the M&P 15-22 and tippmann are the best options but neither one comes with or works on a traditional mil spec lower. I would prefer buying a .22lr dedicated upper if...
    5. J

      Big changes in private sales of firearms

      I don’t remember hearing much of anything about this but it is now currently the new law. I guess on a positive note we will now see more reasonable prices in the classified?
    6. J

      1,500rd 115gr 9mm $350 shipped Use code FREESHIP
    7. J

      Testing if 9mm will truly blow out human lungs

      I think we all know the answer to this but nonetheless it should be an interesting video.
    8. J

      1,000 223 pmc bronze $513 shipped $513 shipped. Not a terrible deal for todays prices. I’ve ordered from them a handful of times they usually ship pretty quickly.
    9. J

      1,000 rounds 9mm Blazer $299 Shipping is usually pretty cheap with these guys.
    10. J

      Biden administration to cut off lake city sales to civilians.
    11. J

      SOLD: SOLD

    12. J

      Multiple people shot at Hammond high school graduation Louisiana as a whole really is a dump from the south shore to the north shore. It’s a damn shame these kids can’t even celebrate at that point...
    13. J

      JSD supply raided by the AFT

      This is nuts. They continue to get bolder and bolder and completely overstep their boundaries.
    14. J

      Extractor Spring Instillation tool for AR bolts.

      Got this from another forum and figured I’d pass it along here. I’ve always just used a pair of pliers or needle nose and waited to hear the click. Brownells part # 080-685-130WB #5 - 3.5MM (0.138") ROLL PIN HOLDER Cut one of the small donut rings in half and place it in the tip of the roll...
    15. J

      PSA Dagger in stock

      PSA has several models of the dagger back in stock starting at $329 with free shipping. For those unaware of what the dagger is it’s a Glock 19 clone made by PSA.
    16. J

      Wild Wild NOLA Nothing surprises me anymore in this dump.
    17. J

      Red Flag Laws. Coming Soon?

      Looks like we may see National Red Flag laws. Kind of makes sense why the left pushes so hard for a list of all gun owners. you can find more videos on that channel about the topic. The video posted starts playing around the 15 minute mark.
    18. J

      SOLD: Gone

    19. J

      SOLD: Mixed lot of 12g Buckshot & Slugs

      00 Buckshot 50 00 Buckshot Black Aces Tactical 1425 fps 15 00 Buck Shot Fiocchi Defense Dynamics 1250 fps 5 00 Buckshot Federal Power Shock Maximum 1325 fps 20 00 Buckshot Federal Power Shock Maximum 3* 1210fps 15 Pellet 15 00 Buck Shot Winchester Super X 1325 fps 5 00 Buck Shot Olin...
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