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      WTB: Cap and ball revolvers

      Bump. I'm open to any kind of cap and ball revolver
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      WTB: Smith or sharps carbine

      Looking to buy either a pietta smith carbine or a 1859 or 1863 sharps carbine.
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      WTB: Cap and ball revolvers

      Looking for a euroarms Spencer and Rogers cap and ball revolver. Also looking for a pietta starr single action and a 1858 Remington. May consider a uberti 1861 navy if the price is right.
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      WTB: Youth model 22lr

      I'm looking for a youth model 22lr. Looking for a single shot like a crickett size rifle.
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      WTB: 45lc revolver

      Looking to buy a 45 long colt single action. Mainly looking for a colt 1873 clone or a Remington 1875 with a 7 1/2 inch barrel but I'm open to anything if it catches me eye
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      WTB: Cap and ball revolvers

      Looking to add another cap and ball revolver to my collection. Open to any brand and model.
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      WTB: Under folder ak

      Looking to buy an under folder ak47. I don't want anything made by century. Would like it to have a chrome line barrel but will look at something like a palmetto that has a nitride barrel.
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      WTB: 601 or a1 ar15

      Looking to buy either a 601 or a1 original or clone ar15.
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      WTB: 45 Schofield ammo

      Looking for some 45 Schofield ammo. Send me a message with what you got.
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      WTB: 30 carbine ammo

      Looking for some 30 carbine soft point ammo. Looking to buy or I can trade ammo for it if I have what you need.
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      WTB: Krag rifle

      Looking to buy or trade for a krag rifle or carbine. Can either be military form or sporterized.
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      WTB: AR pistol brace/stabilizer

      Looking to buy brace or stabilizer that fits on a milspec tube.
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      SOLD: BCA 6.5 grendel upper

      Price drop $450, will separate scope and upper. Upper $225 and scope $225
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      WTB: Ak47 sling and slant comp

      Looking to buy an ak47 sling. Looking for something that military surplus. Also needing a slant compensator aswell.
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      WTB: M1 garand hunting ammo

      Looking for some 30-06 hunting ammo that's garand rated. Wanting to use it for deer and hog this year but can't find ammo anywhere for it that isn't fmj. I can either buy or possibly trade other ammo for it.
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      SOLD: BCA 6.5 grendel upper

      Cleaning out my gun room and have no need for this upper. It's a BCA upper in 6.5 grendel. Has a Leupold 4x12 scope on it. Asking $500 or best offer.
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      WTB: Retro ar upper

      Looking for a retro ar upper complete with a 20 inch barrel. Can be a 601, a1 or a2 style upper. Also will consider a c7 aswell.
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      WTB: M1A or AK74

      Looking to buy either an M1A or and AK74 style rifle. Will also look at other 7.62 NATO battle rifles such as the G3 and FAL
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      WTB: Ak47 sling

      Looking to buy an ak47 sling. Looking for a leather sling but will settle for a nice cotton web sling. Thought I'd give someone on here a shot first before I ordered one online from somewhere.
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