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    1. javery5.0

      WTS: Shield Arms s15 gen 3 mag and mag catch $40

      Sold the 43x and have no use for it. Brand new never fired. $40 or trade for Glock accessories. 504-810-3zero4four
    2. javery5.0

      Smallest Gun Comfortable Carrying

      I feel like I wrote your comment and just forgot. I have a deep connection with the 26 myself. I’ve told people before about how I feel like I can shoot better with the 26 than all other pistols.
    3. javery5.0

      Pistol lubrication and cleaning

      I find a lot of gun oils just dry up. Especially things like rem oil.
    4. javery5.0

      SOLD: /WTT Sig Sauer p320 x compact rxp

      I have a nice sig sauer p320 x compact rxp with factory mounted Romeo one pro and factory suppressor height night sights. Comes with (3) 15 round magazines. $800 obo or trade/partial trade. Would consider Glock 19 gen5 with optic or 9mm 1911s. 504-8onezero-3zero4four. Make an offer will...
    5. javery5.0

      Smallest Gun Comfortable Carrying

      Ruger lcp max is my choice when feeling lazy. Normal carry is g26 with full size reload or g19 with the same reload both with xs minimalist night/blackedout front/rear sights.
    6. javery5.0

      Canik pistols

      Just saw a video of a guy using a a canik sfx mag in the new kimber kds9c. It wouldn’t hold open on the last round though. I think you can only redesign the wheel so many ways. Lol.
    7. javery5.0

      Best holsters for Ruger LCP max?

      I carry it in a desantis. One with ulticlip one with factory. Both work good in basketball shorts or any pant with a drawstring. My wife carries one in a sticky. These guns have such a long trigger pull that I couldn’t imagine a ad while in a sticky holster.
    8. javery5.0

      Newest westbank gun store

      Prices are good in general but definitely good for being a small shop. Bill has a pretty good variety for a shop just started a couple of months ago.
    9. javery5.0

      SOLD: /WTT Glock 43

    10. javery5.0

      SOLD: /WTT Glock 43

      ****SOLD****Want to sell or trade Glock 43. 2 mags and original Glock case. $400 OBO or trade. Text preferred but pm is ok. 504-8onezero-3zero4four
    11. javery5.0

      Canik pistols

      Which means recoil assembles and trigger bar and safety plunger have to be the same.
    12. javery5.0

      Canik pistols

      Not to mention canik puts everything in the box and Walther makes you order the one free optics plate. You can only Glock people so much before they move on.
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