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      Camping SUV? Mil truck? What is it?

      Hmmm... my wife has been throwing hints about a mercedes suv for her next car... 230GE or GLE450, I don't think she'd notice the difference! :rofl:
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      Camping SUV? Mil truck? What is it?

      Thanks! It was in a gas station parking lot yesterday morning in LaPlace (Hwy 51 near I10). I've ridden in Pinzgauers before. Global wildlife uses them for the private tours. (which if you haven't done the private tour you need to!) It didn't look the same as their Pinzgauers. I'd buy one of...
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      Camping SUV? Mil truck? What is it?

      I saw this in a parking lot this morning... it was occupied so I didn't want to approach. What is it?
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      Best way to kill raccoons and opossums?

      Possums have a great marketing department! They don't carry rabies. They do carry a host of other diseases though... My dogs are pretty good at dispatching them.
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      Music you're listening to now!

      Someone just released a cover... but it's not as good as the original. IMHO anyway...
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      You guys ever get together

      Speaking of shirts I still have an almost new t-shirt... :)
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      You guys ever get together

      The guys in the New Orleans area used to meet at the Buffer Zone on the edge of MS occasionally (just a really nice pit for shooting that MS shut down unfortunately). We did have a BS dinner or two... That was pretty cool.
    8. L

      Metairie Residents Concerned.

      I'd bet there were a lot of people who wanted to carry but didn't want to be identified by the state as gun owners by getting a permit. It would be interesting to see the number of applications handed out vs returned before they went online...
    9. L

      Metairie Residents Concerned.

      You know, the training probably matters more than ever now. They are going to be looking for someone to make an example of how bad an idea this was and the first time anyone shoots from ccw without a permit it's going to be them. I still haven't decided if I'm going to renew my permit or keep...
    10. L

      Range bag question

      Thanks Southerncanuck! (BTW, Canadian? I lived in Edmonton as a kid for a few years...). Outdoors. 2 day pistol. I'm betting more outhouse... Chair is a great idea. I usually have a camp chair in the truck, just because I forget (or I'm too lazy?) to take out between camping trips. :) I'm...
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      Range bag question

      which is what I planned for the 9mm. Day one is 9mm, day 2 is .45. The .45 lives in the war belt along with rifle mags. It's part of my home defense plan. Which is why I planned on training a day with each. I planned on going to home depot but was wondering if anyone had a favorite over the...
    12. L

      Range bag question

      Well... the wagon is an interesting idea... I did plan on an ice chest. Lots of drinks and snacks are a necessity. Have to admit TP was not anywhere near my thinking. 2 day pistol class, no optics needed. I planned on bringing an 9mm for day 1, .45 for day 2. I have a full, yet archaic...
    13. L

      Range bag question

      I'm taking a 2 day pistol class soon. What, other than the obvious stuff suggested by the class, do you pack in your range bag? what tools, etc... ? Also, the class suggested knee pads. I'm planning on wearing jeans. Knee pad suggestions?
    14. L

      Moving like pond water…..

      This site was a community once upon a time. We traded guns and bought/ sold guns but we became friends. We also got together in person occasionally- group dinners, training, the occasional lunch, range trips, gun shows, and especially buffer zone trips. Some of the online conversations were...
    15. L

      Frozen screws

      Dremel a fresh cut across that screw and make it a phillips while you're at it... if not drill it out some and use a broken screw extractor kit.
    16. L

      2024 training Byron Almquist has in the past taught some great land navigation classes. It's not listed but if you message him. Warning: don't show up tactical! It's not that kind of class!
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      April 6 & 7 handgun 1 and 2...

      April 6 & 7 handgun 1 and 2...
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      2024 training

      Advantage Group just posted their 2024 schedule.
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