SOLD: Beretta 92FS with Extra: for p226 or m9a2 or H&K 9mm

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    May 23, 2018
    Mandeville, LA
    Looking to basically get a gun with capability for night sights and a rail attachment, and will pay a little bit extra on top of my side of trade to make up any differences. Valued at $750 See details below:

    I have a Beretta 92FS in very good condition, that has a lightened double action pull and smoother action, with hogue OD green grips, as well as a fresh barrel installed that has seen a few mags of use after testing and recreational use. It comes with a Galco leather holster, and can come with a handful of 17-rounder magazines if trading me a non 92FS-based gun. It has been a great shooter, but looking to get something with a rail and the ability to swap out the sights.

    I am mainly looking for:

    -Beretta 92A1 and newer versions (all with rails and sights that are replaceable), I will keep my magazines as it makes no sense to give them all up if basically keeping same gun.
    -Sig P226 platform 9mm, can trade mag for mag. Prefer one that is not too old, and def keen on anything that has been weather treated (cerakote etc).
    -H&K P30 9mm with safety or just decocker
    -H&K USP9c

    I am located in Mandeville, and work offshore at times so bear with me. My phone number is 985-seven78-six227.

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